3e Movie Club: First Blood

You asked for it. Well, actually you didn’t, but here it is anyway: Ross McD’s debut on 3e Movie Club, with added bonus promo trailer…

Ross McD’s bid for global domination begins…

And here’s the bonus promo…


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10 Responses to “3e Movie Club: First Blood”

  1. now that’s an eclectic mix of movies… what I really like is that the intro was exactly the same ‘voice’ as this blog… if you see what I mean.

    I spose I’m saying that’s great to see that your character is exactly what I would expect from your writing.

    good stuff – looking forwards to the rest

  2. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    You know how you hear people on the radio or read their writing and imagine how they look?

    You look EXACTLY like I thought you would. And what is the tat?

  3. Great stuff! Where was it filmed – is that Ross’ DVD collection in the background…impressive if so! Otherwise, Oscar-worthy performance..!

  4. haha thanx guys!
    That’s just McG’s to-watch-next-week stack behind me, the boy has no life.
    The tats M, are Tengwar ‘One Ring to rule them all’ on the right arm, and the mark of the Mandalore (a la Boba Fett) on the left

  5. sorry McD, that orange shirt you were wearing in that clip was so loud I couldn’t hear a word you were saying.
    I’m sure it’s very good though.

  6. You have a face! A real non-cartoonicised face!

    Still incredibly jealous that you got to be on TV. Have decided to use you as a claim to fame now. “Well my blog is read by this famous Irish TV presenter guy….”

  7. Haha, Ross McG tells people the same thing

  8. What’s the British word I’m looking for… Oh, RUBBISH… no, that’s not it… I got it… BRILLIANT!
    Great job, McD!
    The “half mullet-half perm” line almost made me pee a little!

  9. Awesome intro to an awesome film. I particularly dug the ending.

  10. Well done, Ross. I got to see it live, which was kinda cool.

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