RvReviews: The Killer Inside Me/She’s Out of My League/The Brothers Bloom/Death at a Funeral

Ross McD checks out this week’s movie releases on Phantom 105.2’s Cinerama, including The Killer Inside Me, She’s Out of My League, The Brothers Bloom and Death at a Funeral.

and here’s part two…


7 Responses to “RvReviews: The Killer Inside Me/She’s Out of My League/The Brothers Bloom/Death at a Funeral”

  1. I’m watching this later. No time, you understand.

  2. Cool reviews these, always refreshing hearing them instead of reading it! Pretty much confirmed my opinion on all those flicks, but nice to know that the Out Of My league guy does actually have his face the wrong way round!!!!!

  3. The violence in Killer Inside Me is covered realistically and for purpose. For that reason alone it should be commended for not resorting to SAW-like bloodbaths.

  4. I really want to see Killer Inside Me, cause from what I hear its just crazy, and not to sound weird or anything, but I like some of that stuff.

  5. Death At A Funeral sounds like as much fun as…erm…a funeral!

  6. […] 17, 2010 by fandangogroovers I was listening to Ross McD talk about the new Michael Winterbottom movie The Killer Inside Me. I was surprised to hear that it […]

  7. A great listen! Enjoyed the reviews. Can’t bring myself to watch the new Death at a Funeral…the original is too damned good.

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