The Wedding Singer v Wedding Crashers

Get your speech ready, remember your vows and make sure you’re on time, as the Rosses take you up the aisle in a battle between two wedding comedies. Which one do you promise to love and cherish til death do you part and which one do you want to ditch at the altar? Read the arguments by clicking HERE or the pic above and decide…


15 Responses to “The Wedding Singer v Wedding Crashers”

  1. Tough call, but I think I gotta go Wedding Singer if only for Steve Buscemi and George. Been a long time since Sandler’s done anything near this good.


    It was sweet AND funny. One of the better romantic comedies of the last few decades in my mind and one of Sandlers better flicks.

  3. is there an option ‘C’?

    You might as well ask us to choose between Shawshank and Green Mile…

  4. I’m obviously siding with Ross McD and have to wonder McG’s sanity in this obviously lopsided matchup 😉 Basically your whole argument against Wedding Crashers is on Vince Vaughn questionable script-picking skills?

    Wedding Crashers all the way!

  5. Wedding Crashers seems more like a frat boys comedy and I don’t think the comedy worked well outside of the US.

    So I definitely choose the Wedding Singer. Like Heather, I found it sweet and funny and its set in the 80’s.

  6. I’m not a huge fan of Wedding Crashers, but I liked it a whole lot more than I like The Wedding Singer.

    Maybe it’s not being alive in the ’80s, but The Wedding Singer just didn’t do anything for me. I don’t remember laughing … really, at all. I don’t remember any great lines or scenes, just Billy Idol’s cameo at the end (which I thought was David Bowie before your post refreshed my memory). Wedding Crashers, on the other hand, has plenty of great moments and lines. I may not find them as funny as other people, but at least I find them funny.

  7. 80s music, 80s hair styles, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. The Wedding Singer all the way.

  8. Are you writing for The Metro now?

    Unsurprisingly I’m siding with McD again here. I saw Wedding Crashers, expecting it to suck, and The Wedding Singer, expecting it to be good, but got completely opposite reactions.

    Wedding Crashers was surprisingly funny, and yes, you do warm to the Wilson/Vaughan bromance (McG: what did he ever do to you? I knd of like him. Ish.) As for The Wedding Singer, I can barely remember it. All I really recollect is that Adam Sandler was annoying and whiny. He sang badly. And I think there was some kind of love story supposed to be going on. It was just kinda dull.

    I’ve only seen each film once. Roughly the same length of time ago. But I can only remember specific scenes from Wedding Crashers. I think we have a winner.

  9. Anything without the pointless, boring, unfunny Vince Vaughn…but Wedding Singers is actually a nice film and doesn’t just win by default for me, (and Drew Barrymore …duh).

  10. Give me the Wedding Singer, but I loved the eighties. And blue dinner jackets. The best thing about the Wedding Crashers was Christopher Walken.

  11. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    It’s no contest, dudes — “The Wedding Singer” wins based on the strength of Adam Sandler’s ‘fro and pure nostalgia.

  12. A DeLorean and the “brand new CD player” does it for me everytime. Add to it the “take off that shirt before you jinx the band and they break up” is pure gold. In the long run better than the full on ad-libbing by Vaughn.

  13. Are you kidding me ?!??!? No competition, Wedding Crashers without a doubt.

  14. Wedding singer all the way, if only for the “Love Stinks”, Billy Idol and the name ‘Julia Goulia’, which I think of EVERY time I meet someone called Julia.

  15. Wedding Crashers here, all the way! So much funnier and here, Vaughn doesn’t grate on you like he has in others. Plus other great comedic performances in supporting roles.

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