Ross v… Kevin Smith!

Does anyone else think Kevin Smith looks like Seth MacFarlane? Like Family Guy, Smith’s works can be hit and miss. Ross McD and Gordon Hayden from Spin 103.8’s We Love Movies check Silent Bob’s accuracy…


7 Responses to “Ross v… Kevin Smith!”

  1. aw McD, as usual youve got it all wrong – Mallrats is a great film.
    Dogma is also a great film… if you’re 13 years old.

  2. I really enjoyed listening to this. I see your point about how his comedy films follow the same formula and really don’t really evolve film by film, but at the same time is that really a bad thing? I still feel a major difference between each of his films. Clerks was his indie film, Mallrats was his studio film, Jay and Silent Bob was his attempt at a live-action cartoon inspired film. Take my opinion with a grain a salt though, I guess I’m a little biased since i’m a fan who lives in NJ (lol).

  3. I like Dogma. I think it’s seriously underrated in the work of Smith. Mallrats is the worst of his early work, but I like all five of his View Askew trilogy.

  4. Funnily enough I think Mallrats is one of his best films. I’d say Clerks and Chasing Amy are probably his best screenplays – he’s definitely a better writer than he is director – but Mallrats was the first of his films that I saw and I just think Jason Lee is great.

  5. I don’t see the hate for Chasing Amy. I really don’t.

  6. I like his films, mostly cause I can handle his raunch. But I will admit that they are in ways, very mashy. I enjoyed the hell out of Zack and Miri though. I thought it was one of his better attempts at different comedy, kind of.

  7. Yep, Zack and Miri was a lot better than most gave it credit for, in my humble opinion.

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