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Best and Worst… Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

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Another week, another Star Wars re-release: this time it’s Episode I – The Phantom Menace, which is in cinemas in a few days. Yes, that’s right… the film most of you all hated is now in 3D! Brilliant! To mark this momentous cash-in/occasion, Ross McG takes a closer look at the first film (chronologically) in the series, pointing out both its Dark and Light sides of the Force. Or something. Continue reading


Top Five… exaggerations

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Border dirty








Embellishments are everywhere in movies. Just check the taglines, they usually boast of The Ultimate this, The Final that, The Only him and The Greatest her. And just under that it will usually say ‘Directed by Michael Bay’. But it’s not just those behind the camera who are partial to the odd game of Hyper-Bowl, as these characters will attest… Continue reading

The Empire Strikes Back v Return Of The Jedi

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Star Wars. The greatest film series of all time. Mikado. The greatest biscuit of all time. Question is, which is the best bit? The delicious, jammy middle bit or the solid, crunchy end bit? Read the arguments and decide. It is your destiny… Continue reading