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Top Six… Peter Stormare performances

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There’s a film called Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters out this week. We’re big Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton fans here at Ross v Ross Towers, but this looks like a big dollop of crud. The story of Hansel & Gretel would work better as a slow-moving Michael Haneke piece, with a close-up of every bread crumb dropped in the forest. Anyway, we’re not interested in this film because of Jez and Gemma. We’re barely interested in it at all. The reason we are even slightly interested in it is because of one man: Peter Stormare. He may not have a name you know but he has a face you have almost definitely seen. And for some reason he’s in Hansel & Gretel: Cruise Control or whatever it’s called. But forget it. Here are his truly greatest movie moments. Continue reading


DVD RvReview: True Grit

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It’s the most successful Coen brothers movie in history yet it was totally¬†ignored at the Oscars. What did Ross McG think of True Grit? Find out below… Continue reading