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‘Go ahead and read your Bible… Dennis!’ It’s the best ever Alec Baldwin movie moments

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Now that he has been given his own political TV chat show on MSNBC, there’s no better time than to look at Alec Baldwin’s best movie moments. And to think, many of you just believed he was that puppet from Team America: World Police. Continue reading


Top Ten… Conference and meeting room scenes in movies

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Political conferences can be a bit boring. If only they were as exciting in real life as they can be in the movies. Prime minister David Cameron took to the stage today to make his speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, but did he draw inspiration from these terrific bits of cinema set in a conference or a boardroom meeting? And yes, we do realise how tenuously linked this list is to the Tory Party Conference. But we don’t care. Because we’re awesome. And so are these scenes. Continue reading