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Top Five… Suckiest Superhero Team Members

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So the Avengers have well and truly assembled, and hopefully the six-superpowered heroes will collectively manage to deafeat that rather unimposing bad guy in the silly costume (who Thor alone beat singlehandedly last time round). But who will Loki be most worried about? Is it his demi-god half brother who controls lightning… or that guy with great eyesight who can shoot a bow and arrow real good? To be fair, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye more than holds his own against his better-endowed brethren… which is more than we can say for these duds… Continue reading


Watchmen v 300

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Murder: check. Sex: check. Rape: check. Gore: check. Impromptu limb amputation: check. What are we talking about? Why, comics of course! Though not quite The Beano and The Dandy. Read the (SPOILER FREE) arguments and decide. THIS…IS…WATCHMEN V 300!!! Continue reading