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What is your favourite Danny Boyle movie?

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Danny Boyle, the man who won Great Britain all those Olympic medals, or something, is back. In his new film Trance, James McAvoy lets Rosario Dawson hypnotise him and do whatever she wants with him. The poor fella. Boyle has been hypnotising audiences (see what we did there?) for almost two decades across a range of genres. Let’s take a look at some of the common themes running through his work. Continue reading


Great Oscar Scenes: Slumdog Millionaire

Posted in GREAT SCENES with tags , , , , on March 2, 2010 by Justin Michaels

In the run-up to the Oscars we are going to look at some super scenes from Academy Award-winning movies. Let’s start at the finish, with this great train sequence from last year’s Best Picture. Continue reading

Magic Xylophone: 28 Days Later

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Hello there fellow human beings: I’m Professor Magic Xylophone, an expert in all things science. If it’s Microbiology, Geology, Botany, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology well… you get the idea, I know it all. I’m going to use my extraordinary brain to stop you being deceived by the devils in Hollywood who use phoney science to fool innocent movie-goers. Let the science begin! Continue reading