Blog Post Of The Week: Wicked Game

Okay folks, it’s BPOTW time again, and today we’re featuring a really fun post from our buddy the Mad Hatter over at The Dark Of The Matinee. Along with fellow blogger Jess from Insight Into Entertainment, he has put out a rather clever little game of Guess The Combined Movie Title. We will let him explain… Suffice to say it will have you giving your cinema brain a good going over. Click HERE or the image above to read the post and guess as many of the clues as you can. Don’t scroll down to his comments section if you don’t want to spoil the answers!


2 Responses to “Blog Post Of The Week: Wicked Game”

  1. Many many thanks for the linkage…which is somewhat ironic given that it was the byproduct of a massive amount of writer’s block late the night before but not wanting my streak of daily posts to end.

    I noted in the comments that anybody who enjoys playing this game needs to make it a mission to hit jess’ sight on wednesdays and see if they are a faster draw than me.

  2. no bother Hatter, really fun game. will be sure to get to Jess’ site next wednesday

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