Top Five… Shock movie twists

There was a time – before M Night Shyamalan – that shock movie twists were shocking and twisty. Ross McD has a look back at the best on Phantom’s Cinerama

Click here to hear the list: Top 5: Shock move twists


6 Responses to “Top Five… Shock movie twists”

  1. And to think when I was 15 I thought the ending of Scream was a brilliant twist. I was even more gushing about Scream 2. Perhaps the fact I don’t rate the third film as highly as the others might well be to do with the fact I just grew up!

    I don’t think you can beat the Keyser Soze twist at the end of Usual Suspects – it’s great how it works on two levels (revealing the character and revealing how the story was created – genius).

    Another twist I love is in Psycho – Mum’s malnourished reveal!

    Oh and another – which occurs at the beginning of a film rather than the end – T2 – Oh crap, Arnie’s gonna kill all these biker guys and drive a knife so far up Bill Paxton’s arse he’s going to be chewing steel all the way to the coffin, but wait, NO, he’s actually a nice guy who likes children in the nice sort of way not the bad sort of way.

  2. I had no idea that T2 started out with the audience thinking Arnie was still a baddie (probably revealed my age with that).

    To date I haven’t been fooled as well as I was with Usual Suspects.

  3. That’s a very good point Fitz, I never thought of that!
    Great twist that you don’t have to wait til the end for

  4. @Fitz You’ve just given me an excuse to watch T2 again, thanks.

    @Ross Great idea for a list Ross. I think ‘Buried’ had the best twist I’ve seen to date. Not a fan of Usual Suspects, think it is generally over-rated and the ending is a little far fetched for my liking.

  5. Aagh fit I haven’t seen buried yet! Now I know he isn’t buried at all!

  6. Harriet Yu Says:

    fudge 44 had a great twist i thought

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