Poetry in Motion Pictures: Heat

Have you ever watched one of your favourite movies and thought, ‘You know what, I’d love to see that turned into a short poem’? Er, no, didn’t think so. Well tough, that’s exactly what you’re going to get here.


By Vincent Hanna and Neil McCauley


We’re sitting here, you and I,

Like a couple of regular fellas.

Me, you, a bottle of Heinz ketchup,

Wanna order some enchiladas?


You see me doing liquor store hold-ups,

With a ‘Born to Lose’ tattoo on my chest?

I’m okay for food, coffee is good,

Can I say: I really like your vest.


Me, my life’s a disaster zone,

Chasing guys like you round the block.

Your face is very familiar,

Weren’t you in that movie The Rock?


No, you fool, that was Nicolas Cage,

He was in It Could Happen To You.

Don’t you remember, when we worked together

We were both in Godfather Two.



You do what you do, I do what I do,

I know that doesn’t make any sense.

In Godfather Two, I had no scenes with you,

But you were great in Meet The Parents.


There’s a flip side to that coin and you know it,

Because it’s really easy to see.

I may have been in Rocky and Bullwinkle,

But you hammed it up in Dick Tracy.


HOO-HA! Brother, you’re going down,

Like Jake La Motta hitting the mat.

It could be worse, I could have taken a purse,

For Analyse This and Analyse That.


Get ready when there’s heat on the corner

That’s my last bit of advice.

Shame you’ve only one acting Oscar,

Did you know that I’ve won it twice?


One Response to “Poetry in Motion Pictures: Heat”

  1. I really liked that! What a great idea to turn a movie into a poem! I haven’t seen anything like that elsewhere. I love films and poems, but I have never thought they could be combined, or should I say “converted” like this.

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