Blog Post Of The Week: What’s the point of the Oscars?

To round off our Oscar week here on Ross v Ross, let’s ask if we really should have them at all (Uh… we probably should have them – otherwise what the heck would we have filled our blog with these past few days?). Who better to answer that question than the great Fandango over at Fandango Groovers. One of the first movie blogs we started reading once we got our little shindig off the ground, it still always manages to catch our attention, no mean feat when you get distracted by pretty colours as much as we do. It’s also just celebrated its second birthday. So go over there, wish him a happy birthday and read his great post on the Oscars’ current standing. You can read it by clicking HERE or the image above. Happy birthday, Fands. Enjoy the Terrible Twos…


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