Toy Story v Toy Story 2

Contrary to popular belief, Buzz and Woody are not named after two very different types of girly toys. Fifteen years after giving birth to the CG animated film, Pixar is teaming the spaceman and the cowboy up one more time for Toy Story 3. But which of its predecessors is Lego, and which one is, erm, Mega Bloks? Click HERE or the pic above to read the arguments.


7 Responses to “Toy Story v Toy Story 2”

  1. I’m with Ross McG on this one. Toy Story 2 is the better of the two but they’re both brilliant.

  2. Damn too hard. Both great! I gotta give it to Toy Story 1, it puts so many memories in my head.

  3. This is a bit mean to make us choose, however I’ll pick Toy Story 2 every time. In fact it’s my favorite Pixar film of all time.

  4. I’ve gotta go with Toy Story 2. I think the plot is a bit improvement over the first and there are a lot of sequences that easily beat out anything we saw in the first film.

    However, I hate the Jessie flashback. It’s so trite and manipulative. In fact, I hate every part of these films that has a Randy Newman song…and I don’t even have an issue with Randy Newman as a musician, I just don’t like the way Pixar uses his music to elicit emotional relactions.

  5. I’m a Toy Story 2 man. I love me some Joan Cusack and Kelsey Grammar voices.

  6. Gotta go with Toy Story 1.

  7. My initial reaction is the original wins, but the amusingly-suspenseful toys-crossing scene in Toy Story 2 is awesome, too. How about a tie?

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