3e Movie Club: Carlito’s Way

It’s not just my way or the high way – turns out there’s a third option…

Ross McD presents week 3 of 3e Movie Club. Hoo Hah!

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9 Responses to “3e Movie Club: Carlito’s Way”

  1. Sean Penn is unrecognizable in that film.

  2. Tony Montana Says:

    Really? I’m a prick? That really hurts my feelings. I think I’m just misunderstood to be honest…….

    ……When are the next installments of the 3e Movie Club.

  3. “He has a beard, that’s the difference.” That made me chuckle:)

    I think Carlito’s Way is so much better than that overrated pos Scarface. You’re spot on, the ending scene is tense. I think it has to do with the scale of Grand Central and the fact much of it was shot continuous. Liken it to the end of Untouchables in a way (it was also DePalma after all).

    I love the movie! I did a write-up in case you’re interested:http://goseetalk.com/2010/04/27/off-the-shelf-carlitos-way/

  4. Great movie. Particularly the “Here comes the pain” bit. Pacino was the man in the early-to-mid nineties.

  5. Sorry Tony, I did say ‘relatively speaking’
    We’re on every Saturday at 10pm, tune in if you can see through all that white powder on your face

  6. why are you wearing a pyjama top but not pyjama bottoms?

  7. Because your ol’one tossed me out without them

  8. Thegreatpedroski Says:


  9. […] of this ending sequence is shot in one take making you feel part of the action. Or, as our friend Ross puts it, “Is a scene where you don’t even realize you’re holding your […]

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