Clueless v Mean Girls

Bitches. Sluts. Whores. It’s not porn, it’s just what these gals call their BFFs when they are not looking. So which of these films is like, so fetch, and which is, like, not even? Click HERE or the pic above to read the arguments.


15 Responses to “Clueless v Mean Girls”

  1. I think these are both good movies but I think Mean Girls is just a bit better. Gotta love Tina Fey… I vote MCG!

  2. MMmmmm, as much as Clueless has it’s merits I’m afraid it doesn’t have what it takes to slap the face off of Mean Girls. As a guy I know these movies shouldn’t appeal but Mean Girls has a certain je ne sais quoi that elevates it above the others in the genre.

  3. McG is again the voice of reason. Clueless is a charming little movie but overall, just not as much of a classic as Mean Girls!

  4. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    “Clueless” has one advantage over “Mean Girls”: It introduced words into the American lexicon that we still use, phrases like “whatever” and “as if” and “friend of Dorothy.” Both movies are good, but it’s “Clueless” that became part of the culture.

  5. Clueless – Paul Rudd
    Mean Girls – Lindsay Lohan

    Advantage Clueless

  6. babymcg Says:

    Aw this is a tough one!! When Clueless came out I was like 12 when I first saw this movie and thought it was like THE coolest movie EVER!!! but then Mean Girls is just brilliant! If I had a choice I think I would rather watch Mean Girls…!!

  7. Mean Girls is just so frickin funny, and is starting to turn into all guys’ favorite “chick flick”. Love Mean Girls., no homo.

  8. Never liked Clueless, but Mean Girls just worked for me. The cast of Clueless just irritated the hell out of me.

  9. All of you Mean Girls fan, make sure to vote today on the tourney!

  10. Ooo..this is a tough one!

    I would say Clueless for nostalgia, but Mean Girls for substance…and a realistic depiction of school!

  11. Tina Fey fan here, mostly because of Mean Girls. It is such great fun and I know Clueless was a big part of the culture, I think if Mean Girls had been released in that time, it would have had an even bigger impact.

    I just came out of high school and for some reason there were a large group of girls that clung to the movie. We had a group called the muffins similar to the plastics. “Boo, you whore” “fetch” or how about, “Don’t have sex. Because you will get pregnant. And die. Don’t have sex in the missionary position, don’t have sex standing up… Just don’t do it. Promise? Okay everybody grab some rubbers!”

    Classic stuff. Mean Girls all the way.

  12. I still LOVE Clueless. Maybe it was more my generation, but it was a bit more light hearted as well. Rollin with the homies!

    Alicia Silverstone was epic in it, and while Mean Girls is a good flick it doesn’t hold Clueless’s clogs.

  13. McD, Let’s be honest Alicia Silverstone’s best work was with Aerosmith. She then went on to make such classics as Batman & Robin, Scooby Doo 2 and Beauty Shop. And as for disregarding Amanda Seyfried for her crappy rom-com’s, haven’t you seen Chloe and Jennifer’s Body! Mean Girls gets my vote if only for Tina Fey

  14. Shit, this is a tough one. Might have to go with Mean Girls if only for Kevin G and the lack of main characters getting together even if they’re stepbrother/stepsister.

  15. Wow. Gotta say Mean Girls. Haven’t really seen the whole Clueless movie.

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