3e Movie Club: Pitch Black

A good Vin Diesel movie? Surely that’s an oxymoron?

Ross McD presents week 2 of 3e Movie Club. This week it’s film very noir…

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13 Responses to “3e Movie Club: Pitch Black”

  1. What? I love Vin Diesel! Yea, he’s in a lot of bad films, but he’s often my favorite part of any films he stars in.

    However, I didn’t like this film all this much. I found the hyperawarness style to be grating and at the end of the day this just felt like another generic monster horror flick for me.

    Still, I’m loving these intros. Keep up the good work!

  2. Diesel, oh dear. Pitch Black and the Boiler Room are the high points and then I think the ego got in the way. The douchery started when XXX came out and he kept banging on about it being the new Bond – made he laugh when xxx2 came out at it was much better because Mr Cube knew it was just fun rubbish as opposed to Vin who seemed to regard a film in which the main character says ‘Stop thinking Prague police and start thinking PlayStation’ Lawrence of Arabia. What a self-regarding tool. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mENazqrpsg8

  3. … there should be an ‘as’ before Lawrence of Arabia.

  4. …can’t say I’ve ever liked a Vin Diesel film. I remember giving XXX an average review for the publication I was working for at the time when it first came out. But I’d probably knock off a star now. Pitch Black is probably the best of a bad bunch, but it isn’t the muscle mountain that makes the film work. I’d much rather see Radha Mitchell busting butts!

  5. Holy shit dude, amazing film collection in the background. Is that your own?

  6. And you can only see about a seventh of the shelf behind me! Not mine alas…

  7. Is that shirt your own or did you fashion it out of a dishcloth?

  8. Is that your own skin or did you just turn that colour recently?

  9. Yep, Pitch Black is as good as it gets for Vin Diesel films… mainly because it doesn’t require Diesel to act so much as stand around and look muscled.

  10. Find Me Guilty is a film that which Diesel actually kind of steals the show. I know its crazy to say, but that film made me totally think of him in a different way.

  11. Great Job Ross,

    I love this movie, I saw it a preview screening in early 2000 then the releases got delayed and it didn’t come out until the end of the year. I spent six months telling people how great it was, I think it got to the stage that everyone thought I had imagined it and it didn’t exist!

    Riiddick played by a woman, that sounds interesting like an interesting concept.

  12. Thanks for picking this one. I think people forget WHY exactly Vin Diesel was predicted to be a big action star. This is the role that got him the silly Fast and Furious one.

    One of my favorite Science Fiction films. Ever.

  13. Antonius Maximus Says:

    Not a bad movie but id still rather watch Space Cowboys any day! Is there anything Sir Eastwood cant do!

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