3e Movie Club: Papillon

Nobody does not like staying locked up in prison quite like Steve McQueen…

Ross McD presents week 4 of 3e Movie Club. Did the guy who invented butterflies actually mean to call them ‘flutterbys’?

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7 Responses to “3e Movie Club: Papillon”

  1. Thegreatpedroski Says:

    I like it Rossco keep em coming! 4 more left right?

  2. Only saw this for the first time quite recently – brilliant film. Mcqueen and Hoffman are just great.

  3. Is that a urine sample at your foot?
    nice spelling of ‘Papillion’ by the way
    dont worry Ive changed it
    good job you cant make spelling mistakes as youre talking…
    finally, my degree in French pays off.
    I actually read the book of this when I was in college, contrary to what you say, its not ‘only a film’ – its based on a dude’s life. Although in fairness, he is accused of making most of it up.
    was a good read, time passed very quickly when I was rollicking through it
    if only the same could be said for the 1m49secs spent listening to some guy in a He-Man T-shirt talk about it…

  4. Back in your cage, Other Ross
    I would have worn a coat over that t-shirt, but the tails have been stretched

  5. Great movie. I only saw it recently. Any chance of Ross’ movie picks become a regular feature at 3e?

  6. Well we’re contracted for the summer, but if you want to write an e-mail to 3e D, don’t let me stop you…

  7. Antonius Maximus Says:

    Didnt your mother ever tell you not to talk with your mouth full, ya bag of proverbial scum!!

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