Ross v… Ridley Scott!

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, has been remade again… With Ridley Scott and the Crowster reuniting once more, Ross McD and Gordon Hayden from Spin 103.8’s We Love Movies take a look back at the life and loves of the legendary director…


9 Responses to “Ross v… Ridley Scott!”

  1. Matchstick Men is an underrated gem, and hopefully Body of Lies gets a better reception down the road.

  2. nice chat McD. I have never understood why Ridley Scott gets such a pasting from some quarters. i like my directors to have a bit of variety, even when they dont get it right, which is why i wouldnt have Scorsese and Burton in my faves list. they just make the same movie too many times. Scott has had a bash at everything. White Squall… Hannibal.. not perfect films but pretty damn good.
    but then i do like Black Rain…

  3. Scott has done an excellent job with variety in the films he chooses to make. It’s hard to believe the same director that did Blade Runner made Gladiator then made American Gangster. Then its even harder to imagine the director of all those films… made A Good Year.

  4. you know what? im gonna put it out there… I actually quite like A Good Year.
    yes its rubbish and Crowe cant do comedy, but theres something about it i like. its just silly and disposable fun

  5. Not your favourite wine film though, am I right McG?

  6. Sideways… worst film ever

  7. McG……………I heart you for saying you hate Sideways. I couldn’t stand it and still don’t understand the who and why’s of those that do!

    Ridley Scott always falls into my favorite directors of all time. He doesn’t always hit a home run but he does SO MUCH, and he does it all well for the most part. I was kind of shocked that Body Of Lies got such a quiet reception. I thought it was one of the best movies of the year. Maybe the fact that he is such a Renaissance man makes the film community jealous. However it makes me a huge fan.

  8. Haha, you didn’t like Sideways?

  9. What, two hours of middle aged men moaning?
    im part of a website devoted to that exact thing – why would i wanna watch a movie about it?

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