Happy Trails Hans: Tron Legacy

It’s hard work writing about trailers. Especially when two big ones come along in one week. Fresh from giving Iron Man a good ironing over, here I am giving Tron Legacy a good tronning.

Guy talking to a kid. Kid rides a motorbike. Cue Dark Knighty music. Stupid Batman. He’s ruined every other movie for everybody. Kid goes to a rundown arcade. Guy keeps talking in voiceover. He is boring me a little. Isn’t this the trailer for the new Tron movie? Where are all the flashy bikes that leave lines behind them? Where is Jeff Bridges? Where is the Atari 2600?

He’s still talking. This is getting unbearable. Give me my lasers, dammit. Right, way over a minute gone and it looks like something is about to happen. Kid has found a computer. And POOF!! All of a sudden we’re in Tron world. What, just like that? No teaser of how he managed to get there? Tron world looks quite neat though, if a little cold. It looks a bit like an advert for the Winter Olympics. Finally, a bike with a line coming out of it. It’s all a little too slick though. Where’s the lovely crappiness of the original movie? I want Pac-Man, not Final Fantasy Thirteen.

A-ha… the Bridges! This guy has an Oscar, now. Don’t think he’ll get another one for this.

VERDICT: I’m going to count to three. There will not be a fourthree stars


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8 Responses to “Happy Trails Hans: Tron Legacy”

  1. Yep, just a bit disappointing after all the viral marketing milarky, with the Comic Con and the websites… Ah well. Cool neon bikes, though.

  2. Prediction. It will look pretty, but won’t amount to much story-wise. Pity considering that the original is in effect a B-movie with a great gimick.

    Still I reckon it will beat this hands down, sfx improvements aside.

    “Ho – ho – ho?”


  3. am just guessing of course but from this trailer i reckon Jeff Bridges is gonna be The Bad Guy

  4. Cannot freakin’ wait for this one, Hans. Light cycles and The Dude, what’s not to love?

  5. Was more excited by this than Iron Man 2. Too bad Bridges will be competing against himself this December between this and True Grit.

  6. I’m excited as hell for this December. I can’t wait to see Bridges in this and True Grit. I think he is going to to be the saving grace in this, and just icing on the cake to be in another Cohen Bros. movie.

  7. This trailer isn’t as dynamite and mysterious as the teaser released sometime ago, but I’m still on board. I just saw Tron for the first time on Saturday and (bad music aside) really liked it.

    I’m excited for December even if I am an NOOB in the Tron universe…oh and Olivia Wilde? Yup, I’m there:)

  8. Looks pretty bad-ass! December is looking to be a good month for films this year (hopefully).

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