Rocky v Rambo: First Blood

Judge Dredd, Demolition Man, The Specialist, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot – Sly has made some cinematic classics in his time. However, there can be little argument that his two greatest creations were Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. But wherever there is a little argument to be found, Ross McD and Ross McG will be there. Click HERE or the image above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club.


12 Responses to “Rocky v Rambo: First Blood”

  1. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    Rambo, Ross Dudes. It’s gotta be John Rambo all the way. Know why? Because he’s smart, he’s resourceful, he thinks fast on his feet and you just can’t kill the man.

    (Please note, however, that I’m voting for the Rambo of “First Blood” and “Rambo,” not the mediocre ones in-between.)

  2. Nah. Give me Rocky.

    Any guy who can convince a medical board to certify him fit for a championship bout with the philosophy that “it ain’t about how hard you can hit – it’s about how hard you can keep gettin’ hit!”, when he isn’t the sprucest goose by any definition.

    Seriously, can you say masochism? I can’t, it’s actually quite tough to pronounce with that damn “ch” in there.

  3. Good god, no contest.

    First. F***ing. Blood.

    No contest. Cannot see any reason Rocky would win on this one. Well, maybe defeating Communism singlehandedly on the fourth go-around, but who gives a flying eff about Commies when you can suture your own wounds in a cave with gun powder you keep in your bowie knife.

  4. I’m with Darren… Rocky all the way.
    And a special shot out to Sylvester Stallone for most-awesome-shirtless covered-in-fake-sweat-poses-circa 1979 to 1990!

  5. Rambo McD, you were doing so well, then you had to bring up the sequels, of which all the Rambo sequels were utter crap. Rocky at least had a glimmer of light in the shape of rock IV. Rocky McG you really are scraping the barrel if the best adjective you can come up with is “super”.

    Whilst looking back Rambo is criticized for a stereotypical view of traumatized Vietnam veterans, it was actually this movie that created the stereotypes. One thing is for sure these two movies would be better appreciated it they hadn’t been diluted by the crappy sequels.

  6. Thanks Fandango, that was a super comment.

  7. I actually like the Rocky sequels… they are all basically the same movie… each just gets progressively worse… like a copy of a copy of a copy… that’s all. Still enjoyable!

  8. Maybe it’s because I’m Italian but I’m Rocky hands down any day of the week. To be fair, I’ve see all Rambo films and the only one that really did anything for me was Rambo 4. So Rocky it is!!

    Admittedly, the Rocky sequels were retreads of the same story. However (except for Rocky 4) they weren’t vehicles for Stallone to make political statements. Still love the guy though!!

    Also can’t wait for The Expendables…who’s with me??

  9. First Blood Part II is AWESOME! It was one of my fav books a a kid, still is (still am). Rambo III was a bit muck, the horse v helicopter fight being one low point, but it is quite funny to see the All American Hero helping the Taliban out. And have you seen the latest Rambo? It’s probably better than the lot! Rumour has it it may be going up against Rocky Balboa here on RvR in the not too distant future… heard it here first….

  10. McD: Are you talking about the book First Blood by David Morrell? It’s been on my book shelf for ages now, staring me in the face. Want to make sure it is indeed totally fucking awesome before I pick it up.

  11. @ Ross McD: I loved the new Rambo. No nonsense, just a whole lotta killing. And a British mercenary. It’s a movie that knows what it’s doing.

  12. Morrell yes, but First Blood:Part II, which I picked up at a sale of work for about 10p, greatest purchase ever. Also bought a coverless Jurassic Park, which despite being my third favourite film of all time, pales in comparrisson to the novel. Most astonishingly of all, Alan Grant has a beard!
    Never read First Blood, but I’m told its v good. Quite a different ending

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