Happy Trails Hans… Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

This week I’m running my keen eye over the return of Gordon Gekko, probably the second best villain in 80s cinema. If you need to ask who is first then we could have a problem…

Ooo… cool music. I might like this. Someone is getting out of prison. Who could it be? The seven members of the New Provo Front? The five imprisoned leaders of Liberté de Quebec? The nine members of the Asian Dawn movement? Looks like we’re going to have to watch some kid on a motorcycle for a while before we find out.

Aha! It’s Michael Douglas! Man, he looks rough. He has just been in prison though. I like his ‘mobile’ phone. Americans don’t really call them that though do they? This trailer is obviously targeted at a more European audience. Nice to see Gordon Gekko back – he has nice taste in suits. John Phillips, London. I have two myself.

‘Someone reminded me I once said “greed is good”. Now it seems it’s legal.’ You mean, someone reminded me that this trailer was for the sequel to a movie that anyone under 25 will have completely no knowledge of. And was greed not legal in the 80s? ‘No matter how much money you make, Mr Gekko, you’ll never be rich.’ Doesn’t sound as if Shia LaBeouf was very good at maths in school.

And now the title tells us that ‘Money Never Sleeps’. This is not a good title. Still, Mr Douglas looks like he’s having fun. A greedy 80s anti-hero having fun… I think I can relate to that.

VERDICT: Thank you Mr Cowboy, I’ll take it under advisement.

four stars


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3 Responses to “Happy Trails Hans… Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”

  1. Asian Dawn, do you know them? there was an interesting article about them in Time in the late 80’s did you read it? I don’t think it is John Phillips suit, as far as I’m aware John Phillips was a pirate not a tailor (Mr Takagi was being polite). Now onto that title “Money Never Sleeps” of course it doesn’t its inanimate, that’s cheesy enough to be the title of a Bond film!

  2. Michael Douglas does look rather rough. I had to laugh when he got his mobile phone back. Total 80’s style just brilliant. I guess we can pretty much guess the direction the film is going to go in, in terms of Gekko being in prision for 20 years.

    But I am a big Michael Douglas fan so secretly looking forward to seeing him in a new film.

  3. I think You missed the point groovers.The John Philips quote comes from Die hard!!!

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