Top Five… fairgrounds

Border fairground

It’s got to beeeeee… perfect. So sang late 80s chart-toppers Fairground Attraction. They obviously hadn’t been on some of these scary rides. Here are five memorable cinematic funfair escapades.

5. The Third Man

Big wheels don’t come any bigger than the Riesenrad in Vienna, and big movie speeches don’t come any better than Harry Lime’s about Switzerland and the cuckoo clock. The entire scene is wonderful, but go to 6m25 to watch Orson Welles slate an entire nation.

4. Big

Careful what you wish for… blah blah blah, whatever. If only I could find that Zoltar machine – there’s a wish I’d like to make: I want Tom Hanks to stop making movies based on Dan Brown books.

3. The Lost Boys

Super opening scene. Joel Schumacher may have directed Batman And Robin but I will always forgive him thanks to this movie. The lesson here is never to kick Kiefer Sutherland off a carousel. Especially if he’s a fecking vampire. Go to 9m25 for a cheesy saxophone bonus.

2. Strangers On A Train

Shower curtains aren’t scary – watch Hitchcock really let loose with this carousel ride from hell, which begins at about 2m00.

1. Something Wicked This Way Comes

An evil funfair has come to town and only Jason Robards can stop it… Okay, so it’s not exactly Beverly Hills Cop, but this film scared the life out of me when I was little.


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3 Responses to “Top Five… fairgrounds”

  1. Nick ramezani Says:

    How could you forget “grease lightning” taking off!

    “tell about it stud”

  2. Nick ramezani Says:

    How could you forget “grease lightning” taking off!
    only scene in the film where you’d consider
    “doin” olivie nuton john

    “tell about it stud”

  3. Big playground, hell yeah winner. Zoltar alone should make it number one.

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