Great Scenes… Witness

Border witness

In the first of a new series here at RVR, we are gonna pick our favourite scenes from our favourite movies. Let’s kick things off with a nice thick dollop of Harrison Ford, as he romances Kelly McGillis to the sounds of Greg Chapman (not Sam Cooke) in Witness. Sit back and enjoy…

When a movie star is a movie star, we often forget why they got there in the first place. In the case of Harrison Ford, it is because he is a terrific actor. Indiana Jones and Han Solo are great characters because of Ford – no one else could have filled his shoes. Iconic as those roles are, I think his best performance is as John Book in Peter Weir’s beautiful Witness, a film that enchants and beguiles from start to finish. Perhaps Ford enjoyed himself because he got to do so much carpentry in the barn-building Amish scenes. Here he takes Kelly McGillis out of her world and into his for a few minutes, as he leads her on a dance to Wonderful World, one of the all-time great songs. The couple are, of course, making love through dancing and it is such a perfect sequence – natural, fun and involving. As John Book says himself: ‘This is great, this is the best…’

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One Response to “Great Scenes… Witness”

  1. “If you take one more picture of me, I’m going to strangle you with your own braseirre.” – John Book/Harrison Ford is the f**kin’ man.

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