The Best Eggs In Movies

Easter may be over but you’re bound to have a few eggs lying around that you haven’t quaffed yet. No? Oh, well, too late. To keep you in the mood, here is Ross McG with the greatest bunch of eggs in cinema.


Scene: You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Or so the saying goes. Well here’s a new saying. You can’t have one of the funniest films of all time without some Leslie Nielsen deadpanning. Faced with an airline patient who keeps bringing up eggs from her mouth, one of which releases a bird that flies around the cabin, he keeps his cool, considers his words carefully, then states: ‘I’ll be back in a minute.’ Classic.

How do you like your eggs? Funny side up


Scene: We know we are going to get crucified for leaving the 50-egg eating scene from Cool Hand Luke off this list, but we just thought it might be too much of an obvious, much-discussed choice. And anyway, could Paul Newman take his female co-star and suggestively pass an egg yolk between his mouth and hers until finally, in a none-too-subtle crescendo, the yolk breaks and spills all down her white dress? Actually, I’m not sure I would have wanted to see Paul Newman do that in a movie.

How do you like your eggs? Omelette there be love


Scene: Rocky is a great movie, but it’s also at times a very depressing one. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the Italian Stallion’s crawl out of bed at 4am straight to fridge door to have a healthy breakfast shake of five raw eggs. I’ve always wondered though, where does he put the shells? Looks like he just throws ‘em back in the fridge. Wouldn’t get away with that in my gaff. No wonder I cheered for Apollo Creed.


It’s almost as good as the South Park version. Good old Randy.


Scene: I don’t know what egg veteran (bloody Aliens, they’re flipping everywhere) Sigourney Weaver’s problem is. She gets all in a fluster when her batch of eggs jump out of their box and start frying themselves. Self-cooking food? I’d be delighted with that. A large dog in my fridge calling out the name of a 90s video game on the Amiga, however… yeah, to be fair I’d be a little freaked out by that.

How do you like your eggs? Simmering with fear

Big Night

Scene: This sequence has been on our minds a lot at Ross v Ross, mainly because it could slide into many of our lame lists. Best ending? You betcha. Best scene conducted in silence? Without a doubt. But instead we’ve fitted the frittata-making five minutes that concludes Big Night into our egg round-up. Stanley Tucci makes a mean breakfast.

How do you like your eggs? Scrambled with some brotherly love

Kramer vs Kramer

Scene: Who would have thought French toast could be so heartbreaking? There are very few actors who could make such a mundane activity – breaking up a few eggs and then making a total mess of breakfast – so exhilarating. ‘GOD DAMN HER!!’ he screams at the absent Meryl Streep when he brutalises he and his annoying kid’s morning meal. I haven’t seen Streep’s French toast, but he’s probably right, must be way better than Hoffman’s.

How do you like your eggs? Poached with underlying domestic strife

Hot Shots!

Scene: Is this from a spoof movie or a documentary? Charlie Sheen cooking eggs and bacon on a nubile female during a canoodling session somehow doesn’t seem far beyond the realms of possibility. A bit like Sigourney Weaver’s kitchen table top surface then, except in this case the table top surface is a living woman. The woman from Rain Man.

How do you like your eggs? Fried. On Valeria Golino’s tummy.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Scene: Oh Veruca Salt, how misunderstood you were. That mean Mr Wonka sent you down the Bad Egg shoot, but we know better. What did he expect, giving a kid a free ticket to a chocolate factory, then telling her she wasn’t allowed to touch anything? And that sanctimonious little brat Charlie Bucket, muttering ‘Here we go again..’ as you simply ask for a golden egg-laying goose. Who is he to judge? He STOLE fizzy lifting drinks!

How do you like your eggs? I don’t care how they come, but I WANT THEM NOW!!




17 Responses to “The Best Eggs In Movies”

  1. adoptingjames Says:

    Willy Wonka. Good one! I would have never thought of that. What about in Charlotte’s Web when the kid falls on the egg and stinks up the farm? Or in Jurassic Park when we get to see the raptor hatching? Surely there’s more, but your list was good.

  2. Hah! We just watched Airplane! Leslie Nielson’s sleight of hand is a little sketchy in parts, but you have to love the sheer randomness…

  3. William Tuttle Says:

    Add Cool Hand Luke and you’ll have yourself an eggcellent list.

  4. You forgot the oddly unnerving scene of robert diniro peeling an egg in one go as he talks with m. rourke in Angel Heart… the only scene I know of in which peeling an egg comes across as demonic.

  5. Lady in Black Says:

    The fifty hard boiled eggs in Cool Hand Luke

  6. No Cool Hand Luke?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Really, no Cool Hand Luke?

  8. What about Alien for a bit of variety?

    (Snidey enough for you? Probably not)

  9. Cracking list, McG!
    ….sorry, I’ll leave now

  10. you cant help but be snidey, 3rd and Goal.
    good alien shout. we had enough eggs in our basket already though. eggs that dont launch face-sucking things out of them

  11. How about the crystal egg from Risky Business?? Not edible but still…

  12. Jurassic Park could count, considering all the doom & gloom that follows the hatching of the raptors…

  13. Simon Pegg choking on his Rocky-inspired raw eggs in Run Fatboy Run ranks up there. Selma Blair torching the demon eggs in Hellboy. Pepe the King Prawn telling his muppet compadres there might be chocolate inside the message egg for Gonzo in Muppets from Space.

    Great list, though.

  14. seriously…no Cool Hand Luke…fail…egg-pic fail

  15. Pink Flamingos! There’s a woman that loves eggs in that movie!

  16. jeroboam bramblejam Says:

    When in “V for Vendetta”, V makes ‘Egg-in-a-Basket’ for Evey; she’s delighted and says she hasn’t tasted real butter since…
    From IMDB: “… This is also known as an Egg in a Frame (in the southern parts of America), Toad In The Hole, or One Eyed Toast. “

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