DVD RvReview… Tower Heist

The list of great movies to take place in towers is endless. The Towering Inferno… Die Hard… uh…. if you can think of any others let us know. In the meantime, here’s Ross McG’s review of Tower Heist.

Tower Heist (two stars)

There was a time in each of their careers when the new comedy movie from Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy or Matthew Broderick would have been greeted with much anticipation. But a series of so-so (and in Murphy’s case, downright terrible) movies over the intervening years means Tower Heist, in which all three team up, is met with something of a shrug. The film itself does little to dispel this sentiment, not because it isn’t very funny, but because it barely even tries to be. The subject matter doesn’t help. The heist of the title sees Stiller and co try to rob a penthouse-dwelling Wall Street crook, played by Alan Alda, who has raided the building staff’s pension fund. One worker even tries to kill himself. Not exactly the kind of subject matter to produce an automatic barrel of laughs. Tower Heist is mired in the financials, when it should have just brought the funny.

This review first appeared in the Metro newspaper


One Response to “DVD RvReview… Tower Heist”

  1. I found this far less terrible when I saw it in theaters, but since then I haven’t had any interest in rewatching it.

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