DVD RvReview: Drive Angry

Can Drive Angry better Nicolas Cage’s last movie, Season Of The Witch? Did anyone see Season Of The Witch? I’ve seen Halloween III: Season of the Witch, but not Season Of The Witch. Does anyone care? Look below to find a review of Drive Angry.

Drive Angry (two stars)

Another week brings another car crash Nicolas Cage release. Almost a one-man cinematic sub-genre at this stage, his increasingly bizarre appearances can be broken down into the bizarrely brilliant (Bad Lieutenant) and the bizarrely bad. No prizes for guessing what category Drive Angry skids into. On paper, it has some of the right ingredients for some classic Cage rage. For starters, he has a dodgy barnet, leaving him looking hilariously like Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich on a bad hair day. Secondly, he plays a character who has escaped from hell. But those hoping to see Cage duel with the devil will be disappointed, as this potentially barking concept is thrown away and its leading man is left stuck in uh… Louisiana. Cage looks about as happy as the audience, growling his way through this real slog of a film. The constant glorification of violence – much of it against women – is tiresome and distasteful, while the great William Fichtner is sidelined in a marginal role. Pretty forgettable fodder, this makes Bangkok Dangerous look like Dangerous Liaisons.

This review first appeared in the Metro newspaper



One Response to “DVD RvReview: Drive Angry”

  1. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    Dear Lord, William Fichtner needs to fire his agent, or at least tell him/her to start getting him better parts! I want to see what this guy can do as a lead actor, not as another puny bit player in a blow-up fest like this one.

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