The Tree Of Life Top Six… Top Six Trees In Movies

With Terrence ‘take his time’ Malick’s new film, The Tree Of Life, finally blooming into cinemas this week (see what we did there?), Ross McG takes a look at some of the most memorable plants in movie history.

6. The tree from Cat People

It had been a rough year for the ThunderCats

One of the barmiest movie intros of the 80s… and a great tree thrown in as well. With a big black cat under it. What does it all mean? Who knows. But that’s a sweet tree.

See the Cat People tree in the opening scene by clicking HERE

5. The tree from The Evil Dead

'You put that picture of The Evil Dead tree rape scene back or I'll throw down!'

If you thought the most horrific thing Sam Raimi ever did was give Peter Parker an emo haircut, then think again. As a child, trees are things that are fun. You can climb them. You can swing from them. You can build huts in them. But the trees in The Evil Dead have been possessed by a demon, which means they are more likely to rape you than give you the foundation to recreate a pleasant childhood memory. If you do happen to be caught in a haunted forest, best to leaf these guys well alone.

Watch the scene HERE

4. The tree from The Wizard Of Oz

'What do you mean the tree that caught the car in Jurassic Park didn't make this list?'

Okay, so the raping tree from The Evil Dead was, ahem, evil, but at least it wasn’t a complete jerk. Dorothy and her little dog too may not be everyone’s cup of tea (stealing someone’s shoes after landing a house on them isn’t going to win you too many admirers) but surely they don’t deserve the nastiness doled out by this particular wooded creature. The thing I don’t like about the tree along the yellow-brick road is that he can’t make up his mind. First he gets angry at Dorothy for picking his apples. Then he gets offended when the Scarecrow says his apples aren’t good enough. And then after chasing them off, he throws his apples at them! Seriously dude, what is your problem. Apart from being an absolute dick. Yeah! How do you like them apples??!!

Watch the tree being mean to Dorothy by clicking HERE

3. The tree from Get Smart

The Tree Of Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

While nowhere near as excruciating as another Steve Carrell vehicle, That Sequel With The Ark That They Couldn’t Get Jim Carrey To Come Back For, Get Smart didn’t exactly set the world alight. It has some nice moments though, most of which involve Anne Hathaway rolling around in a catsuit (proving that Christopher Nolan is a fan of Carrell’s work), and one featuring Bill Murray… as a tree. A particularly needy tree at that. It’s nice to see him branch out into other roles.

Watch Bill Murray as a tree by clicking HERE

2. The tree from From Hell It Came

'People say I'm the life of a party cos... I tell a joke or two. Well I might be laughing now... but deep inside I'm blue...'

This movie makes the title above this paragraph look stupid (two ‘froms’ in a row – what’s that about?), but it can be forgiven for giving us one of the great cinematic trees. Quite possibly the basis for the tree from Poltergeist (or quite possibly, uh… not) the walking, stalking plant from this 50s B-movie is one to remember. When locals bury a dead man in a tree, all it takes is some nuclear radiation for this frighteningly naff creature to be born. The tree, which looks like Chewbacca after being flattened out by a rolling pin, goes on a rampage and throws women in sandpits. Michael Bay is eyeing up a remake as we speak.

Watch the tree in action HERE

1. The tree from Poltergeist

'Climb me kid. I dare you.'

This is one sick sycamore (yes, we know, it probably isn’t a sycamore). Poltergeist is a film with so many ingenious ways of scaring the bejaysis out of you that the biggest of them all is often overlooked. Like the psycho toy clown and the blurry television, the tree is another everyday object from the movie that turns out to be anything but ordinary. In this instance, it grabs a kid through his bedroom window. It’s not the monsters in the closet you want to worry about, it’s the thing next to the shrubs in the garden outside. They’re heeeeeeere. Of course they are. They’re trees. They’re bloody everywhere.

Watch the scariest tree of them all in action HERE



9 Responses to “The Tree Of Life Top Six… Top Six Trees In Movies”

  1. Treebeard in The Two Towers would take my #1. The tree in Pan’s Labyrinth is also a must.

    Also, Mark Wahlberg getting outacted by a tree has to be one of the all time great tree related moments in film.

  2. I thought maybe the tree from ‘The Fountain’ might have made an appearance. Although I’m glad someone mentioned how god damn creepy Sam Raimi’s trees are.

  3. Fitz.. great shout on the tree from the Fountain – thought long and hard about putting it in.
    James Blake Ewing.. I think our resident LOTR expert (Ross McD) pointed out to me that Ents arent trees. stupid nerds. good shout with Pan’s Labyrinth. Bound to be a talking tree in Labyrinth too..

  4. DoubledownA Says:

    How about the tree from the Natural that created Wonder Boy bat?

  5. DoubledownA… Haha, that made me laugh. I bough to your superior tree movie knowledge..

  6. There is a good tree in Shawshank Redemption, where Morgan Freeman improbably has to find a box full of cash.
    Always struck me that if I had been in prison and given that description of where the money was buried I wouldn’t have a chance of finding it. How frustrating would that be.
    Always slightly annoyed me that one. As you were, Rosses…

  7. What about the gods-be huge tree in Legend where that holds all of Darkness’s fortress inside it? I always found it interesting that they chose a tree for the residence of evil and death… maybe a nod to Yggdrasil?

  8. Skies… great shout on Legend. The film may be long Timotei advert (with the devil thrown in) but still worth a watch.

    David… the Shawshank Redemption tree is indeed a good one. Doesnt talk though. So got marks off immediately for that. also thought about the tree that swallows Christopher Walken up in Sleepy Hollow. Any tree that swallows Christopher Walken up has balls.

  9. mcguinnr Says:

    Tree in Sleepy Hollow’s a good call, and totally agree with No.1. The tree Stallone falls through in First Blood should get a mention, only because it must be about 800 feet tall and sets up a truly gruesome bit of DIY first aid, MacGyver – style.

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