Poetry in Motion Pictures: Iron Man 2

It’s time for a new series on Ross v Ross. It’s time to get PiMPed. For the next few weeks at least, we’re going to be breaking down some of your favourite films into stanza and verse. To kick the series off, Ross McG waxes all lyrical over Iron Man 2. If you think the poem needs another line, feel free to come up with your own in the comments section.

Iron Man 2………… by Ross McG

I am Iron Man.
The suit and I
Are one.

I am Iron Man.
This sequel’s
Not much fun.

I am Iron Man.
No chance of plot
That’s dark.

I am Iron Man.
No I’m not,
I’m Tony Stark!

I am Iron Man.
My aim is shoot
To thrill.

I am Iron Man.
I’m really hard
To kill.

I am Iron Man.
My suit is red
And yellow.

I am Iron Man.
I’m not a real
Nice fellow.

I am Iron Man.
I treat women like
They’re sluts.

I am Iron Man.
So why aren’t I shagging
Pepper Potts?




2 Responses to “Poetry in Motion Pictures: Iron Man 2”

  1. Sweetness.

    I am Iron Man
    I’m fighting Mickey Rourke

    I am Iron Man
    That Scarlet, I’d like to pork.


  2. hehe, good work Fletch. WB Yeats will be turning in his grave.

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