Top Five… Worst Julia Roberts films

The highest paid actress in Hollywood? They obviously didn’t look too closely at Julia’s CV. Ross McD does just that on Phantom’s Cinerama

Top 5: Worst Julia Roberts films


4 Responses to “Top Five… Worst Julia Roberts films”

  1. Man, you are mean McD. Mean and wrong. The Mexican is a great fun flick and The Pelican Brief is class. Maybe there were no robots blowing each other up in it, so that’s why you didnt like it

  2. Have no interest in seeing Hook but I agree with McG [gasp!] that The Mexican isn’t bad and Pelican Brief is decent. Without having seen it, I think Valentine’s Day would make my worst list. Oh, and Duplicity is pretty boring despite the uber cool Clive Owen.

  3. Hook is actually a beautiful film, recently one of my favorites. It’s an immaculate screenplay fleshed out by Steven Spieldberg and scored by John Williams. The only critique I could have for this film (understanding it was made in 92, I think) is that as an adult I wish it was less of a kids movie. However, it’s based on the story of Peter Pan so arguably it shouldn’t be anything other than something meant for a younger mind. But then there is the real kicker, the whole film takes on difficult and intangible ideas of time, aging, humanity, and the beauty of childhood. And to do that in a film that really requires seeing it through the eyes of a child to appreciate it fully is actually astounding from both a practical and artistic standpoint. Hook is a triumph. Watch it again. I dare you.
    Pairing a poor judgment of Hook with a knock at The Pelican Brief, a standing classic, is hurting your credibility.

    Let’s talk about Eat. Pray. Love. though. Can we all agree that that film never needed to be made?

  4. Couldn’t agree more John Paul, and to prove it, I even declare Hook a better film that all four Pirates of the Caribbean films put together here:

    Good call on Eat Pray Love; We really should have mentioned at the top that that list was created to mark its release, so it couldnt have been included.
    But from what I hear, it would have went straight to the top

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