Top Five…Worst Judd Apatow movies

‘I have an idea for a film! I got the idea from that film I made last week…’ Judd’s done some good work in fairness. But he’s also made some stinkers. Ross McD has a look on Phantom’s Cinerama

Top 5: Worst Judd Apatow movies


3 Responses to “Top Five…Worst Judd Apatow movies”

  1. Funny People is the worst one for me. Just a love-in for him and all his friends.

    I actually liked Zohan and Kicking and Screaming – though neither are great.

    He’s grossly overrated in my eyes.

  2. I actually didn’t mind Fun with Dick and Jane. It seemed like a zeitgeist for the times.

  3. I am becoming more aware now that Apatow has more misses than hits. 40 Year Old Virgin was great and Knocked Up had its laughs and sentiment, but seriously, the rest has been just a bunch of … nonsense?

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