Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban v Goblet of Fire

‘I’ll get you Harry Potter/Robin Hood/John McClane…’ Which one are you getting this week, Alan Rickman? Aha… Miiiiiiiister Potter. Join Alan and every other British thesp ever as we argue over which of these two Potter movies casts a spell over you. Click HERE or the pic above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club.


6 Responses to “Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban v Goblet of Fire”

  1. Ouch. My two favourite Harry Potter films sparring off against each other. But…Ross McD gets my vote…Azkaban wins. Love that line about the time travel thing solving all the problems of the Harry Potter universe if only it hadn’t been given to a 12 year old!

  2. My second favourite Potter film against my second to last worst Potter film, Azkaban wins easily. Incidentally, The Goblet of Fire is my favourite book but I sort of hate the execution of the film.

  3. …I haven’t read the book. I wonder if that’s why I like the film more than you Encore. The only Potter books I’ve read are the last two…because I was desperate to find out what happened! 😉

  4. Emma Watson sporting the shortest of skirts at the Harry Potter premiere – hasn’t she grown up! 😉 (http://www.top10films.co.uk/archives/5106)

  5. …while I’m in the linking mode, anyone new to the Harry Potter story might want to check out my handy guide to the films so far: http://www.top10films.co.uk/archives/5128

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