Goldfinger v From Russia With Love

Do you expect us to talk? No, Ross and Ross, we expect you to spout your usual pithy drivel about two of the finest Bond movies. Click HERE or the pic above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club.


10 Responses to “Goldfinger v From Russia With Love”

  1. Dare I say Sean Connery is not my favourite Bond. And part of the issue is that I’ve never really liked the early Bonds (well, when compared to Roger Moore’s output a decade later). So From Russia With Love falls into that improving curve the Connery Bond movies took. I still don’t really start enjoying Bond until Thunderball, with You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever being Connery’s best, so by that logic I’d have to put Godfinger ahead of From Russia With Love. So I’m with McD on this one.

  2. Currently re-watching all of the Bonds for a review-a-thon and From Russia With Love is very, very disappointing given that it’s sammiched between DR No and Goldfinger!!

    Russia has no real villain (Red kinda counts, but is more henchman / pointy shoe Rosa is rubbish), the girl’s pretty hot. Goldfinger on the other hand is 95% quotable, memorable and iconic Bond at its best, and 5% worst sexism ever… but it was OK in the 1960s!

  3. Hey Dan, Connery isn’t my fave either, but I see why people think highly of him though. I grew up with Moore’s Bond flicks, and though I find them enjoyable, I prefer the grittier Bond a la Dalton and Craig. In any case, of these two, I’d go with From Russia With Love, the train scene was pretty cool.

  4. I’m with McD. Goldfinger is much more iconic and way better. Plus, I couldn’t stop laughing through most of the film. Best Bond girl name ever! Plus, Oddjob is friggin’ awesome.

  5. Good to see MOST of you are making sense again. Though nothing will ever stand up to goldeneye, not lace or leather. Except maybe casino royale (the Craig one, obviously)

  6. Only thing I remember about Russia is some old broad who tries to stab Bond with her shoe knife. Lame. Goldfinger all the way on this one.

  7. Time to fess up.

    Like several things you are supposed to feel empathy for – Rolling Stones, Liverpool FC, Australia – I have just never really liked James Bond.

    Sure, I have gone along with the lie, pretended I liked James Bond when asked, laughed at the faux lameness of it all, but never really got it.

    So, in conclusion, my answer is: The Spy Who Loved Me (and the soundtracks)

  8. I don’t think you could get a better match-up (well as far as Connery Bond films go).

    Best Villian: Goldfinger
    Best Fight Scene: Russia
    Best Women: Goldfinger
    Most Exciting: Russia

    But as I am a moderate 007 Gadget fan (these later ones did get as ludicrous as Batman’s utility belt having shark repellent) Goldfinger gets my vote.

  9. As McD says “Goldfinger is the very definition of Bond”, it is probably the best Bond film and set the template for the series, but From Russia With Love is a better film and my personal favourite Bond film.

    All Bond fans (and I know McG is a Bond fan) should check out the Movie Mobsters in the second week of November.

  10. Guys,

    Don’t know if you’ll be interested but just put up a fresh post about James Bond January.


    Nice snow BTW!!!

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