Kick-Ass v Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Stand back Superman, Iceman, Spider-Man, Batman and Robin too. There are two new comic book heroes in town. And they are here to Kick your Ass. And, uh, Scott your Pilgrim. Click HERE or the image above to read this battle from the Rosses at Metro Film Fight Club.


2 Responses to “Kick-Ass v Scott Pilgrim Vs The World”

  1. I don’t know anything about Scott Pilgrim. I wouldn’t read anything by Mark Millar, he wrote the most atrocious Marvel crossover event of all time. It was so bad, it was beyond terrible. Which is really bad. He obviously wasn’t capable of writing. Readers were left with characters who were once recognizable and too this day refuse to believe that it was Tony Stark in the book and partially out of that series Spider-man is a complete mess now and we’ll never be what it used to be.

    I suggest readers read other people’s work.

  2. Are you talking about Civil War Alex? I thought that was great! Although agreed, the spiderman reveal wasn’t the best bit…

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