GoldenEye v Casino Royale

Arguably the two best Bond films featuring arguably the two best Bonds. Except for maybe Connery. And Moore. Did someone say argue? We’re there! Click HERE or on the pic above to read the arguments.


10 Responses to “GoldenEye v Casino Royale”

  1. I may be the lone person on this one, but GoldenEye for me!

  2. I goota go Casino Royale. I thought Pierce Brosnan always seemed like a spot on choice to play Bond but didn’t care for his films. My Bond will always be the one my parents took me to see as a kid: Timothy Mutha Effin’ Dalton!

  3. I knew it was only a matter of time before McG wrote about Bond movies being Bonds number one fan. I have to say it’s a really close call. As it stands Casino Royale takes it but let’s see how it ages. Neither is as good as From Russia with Love.

  4. The only two bond films I have seen! What interesting choices!

    Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye put me off Bond for what I thought was life. He was so smug, arrogant, slimy and ultimately disgucsting I just didn’t understand why anyone would a) stand withing 50 feet of him or b) want to see more films with him in. I don’t know if I hated bond because of Brosnan or Brosnan because of Bond, but it didn’t go well.
    Having said that, there were some good action scenes in the film which meant I could at least enjoy the parts of it where Bond had his mouth shut (even more so if he was getting punched.)

    Then Casino Royale came along. With Daniel Craig, who I didn’t really know, promising to be a new kind of Bond in a much more real movie. I decided to give Bond one last chance and finally found the movie I’d been looking for.
    I love Casino Royale, and even lapped up inferior follow up Quantum of Solace. Finally a Bond character with the same kind of charisma and swagger without being a total d*ck that no one in their right mind would put up with. A real character.

    Looks like I’m agreeing with McD again then. There’s a surprise…

  5. Casino Royale. It’s like the Batman Begins of Bond films.

  6. DAMN! Another tough one. Gotta go with Casino though for reinventing the wheel and getting rid of the gadgets. Although there is Goldeneye for N64 to consider…

  7. I think Casino Royale has the ability to stand on its own legs apart from the franchise. If this had nothing to so with 007 I think it would have been nearly as successful. I like that it was a much more grounded film (taking a cue from Batman Begins no doubt) and that’s what makes me just love it.

    Goldeneye was a fun spy romp that I just enjoy the hell out of, but it really didn’t do anything but follow the same formula with a different 007.
    But some more cred to Goldeneye for Famke Janssen (who aside from the gorgeous Eva Green in Royale,meow) is one of the hottest Bond girls the series ever had.

  8. GoldenEye. the first Bond movie I saw in a cinema. It’s an emotional thing.

  9. I never really warmed to Casino Royale, Craig was a bit too emotinally detached for me, Pierce had more personality and that’s what I look for in a Bond. If I want cold and calculated I’ll watch Bourne. Goldeneye wins for me.

  10. Sigh GunRanger Says:

    I hate both!

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