Ross v… TV!

Ross McD will present 3e Movie Club this summer!

Their film knowledge is equally limited, there’s not much between them in terms of who is the least funny and they’re both closer to wrongers than writers. In the end, it all came down to who was prettiest. And as you can see from the banner above, McG (left) drew the short straw there.

And so, Ross McD was chosen to present the summer season of films on Irish TV station 3e. Starting Saturday June 5th and continuing every Saturday night for the following 11 weeks, Ross’s slightly less ugly mush will introduce the season of cult classics, which will include First Blood, Pitch Black, Carlito’s Way, Papillon, Angel Heart, When We Were Kings, Clockers, The Fog, Bob Roberts, Chaplin, The Hitcher, and Mean Streets.

It all kicks off with John Rambo this weekend – make sure you’re tuned in!

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15 Responses to “Ross v… TV!”

  1. No, Road House? Bloody shame!
    Congrats, McD… is there a way to check it out in the states?

  2. Congratulations! What time is it on at?

  3. Wow. Congratulations. A prime time TV slot – well done, sir.

  4. Ooh…exciting…but how can we see these televisual milestones if we can’t receive 3e. Will they be online anywhere? I know sometimes…when we stay at our cottage on the Welsh coast we can pick up some fuzzy international channels – but that was the olden days when we had analogue signals!

  5. Thanx guys… dunno if you can catch em online, but McG has promised to document a written scene by scene account every week

  6. yeah, here’s a quick preview of this week’s episode….

    INT: TV studio.
    A slightly ugly young man stares into a camera. He is pretending to know something about movies. He waffles for a bit. Then he waffles some more.

    CUT TO –
    A slightly older but much more attractive man, typing away at a keyboard with a smile on his face as he writes witty copy for his blog that doesn’t have any spelling mistakes.

  7. ‘Slightly’ older?

  8. Nice one Ross, great move for you! Can’t wait to see your mug on the screen!!! 😀

  9. YankeeDoodle Says:

    I am so excited! Copy the episodes n put em on youtube then put the links here. I cant get enough Ross v Ross!

  10. It’s like I was there, McG!

  11. It is like the Odd Couple – a gay version

  12. This just in – 3e Movie Club has been shifted slightly to 11pm for the first week only, to make room for…. Britain’s Got More Talent!
    We’re an hour later, but we get to slurp up the BGMT residual audiences…

  13. You guys are gettign way too showbiz. Next thing we know you going to be demanding white lillies and screaming about wire hangers.

    Congrats tho McD. Is there any way for those of us unlucky enough not to live in Ireland to see your moment of glory?

  14. Thnx Katie, were gonna try stick the vids on RvR. you can visit the site at tho

    PS Me and McG were just discussing this, do you remember posting this comment back in February:
    ‘You’re movie world connections are getting impressive! Don’t forget us little bloggers when you have your own newspaper column/tv show/penthouse in Hollywood’

    2 down, 1 to go!

  15. Yes I do remember! Can I come visit you in the penthouse?

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