Street Fighter v Mortal Kombat

Round One… Fight! Players 1 and 2 have entered the tournament. In the red corner, wearing a red jumpsuit and with bleached blonde hair, it’s Ross McG. In the blue corner, wearing a ski-mask and shooting ice from his hands, it’s Ross McD. Which video game adaptation is better/worse? Click HERE or the image above to read the arguments for both at Metro Film Fight Club.


11 Responses to “Street Fighter v Mortal Kombat”

  1. I guess MK, even though SF is the much better game. Geez, this one’s tough.

  2. Mortal Kombat is a better film (almost watchable, even), but Street Fighter is more fun as a terrible, terrible film.

    “We can go holme!”

  3. Even as a kid I knew these were bad movies. Since they’re both God awful, I think I’ll give it to Mortal Kombat just because Christopher Lamert was mildly entertaining…

  4. This is a real hard one, however, when it comes to actually staying true the actual video game, I have to give it to MK. Hard one though!

  5. Mortal Combat is a better game. Both are horrible movies, but ones I don’t mind watching on a good ole braindead day.

  6. They’re both rubbish but one girl makes Street Fighter the winner – Kylie Minogue!


  7. Neither of the films are any good. Gamewise, they were both at the top of the fight genre. MK’s fatalities, babalities, and animalities were unique, and should have been part of the film more. Similarly, SF should have focused more on each fighter’s backgrounds and training skills, rather than trying to create ridiculous storylines. Both movies should have been using the cream of CGI technology, which could have improved the below average fight scenes that are so easily trumped by any bog standard Hong Kong Cinema release.

    My choice: Neither. They’re both as awful as each other.

  8. ahah same as Marc, even as a kid, those were really cringe-worthy. Loved the games though. I will go with MK since the game is slightly better.

    “Finish him”

  9. Gotta go with MK just because of Lambert.

  10. I gotta go MK as well… I actually like that flick. The chick from Billy Madison kicked ass! So did Sub-Zero & Scorpion!!!
    And did nobody think VanDamme was bad casting for Guie? I mean ne has a thick accent and US Flag tattooed on his arm… WTF???

  11. Thegreatpedroski Says:

    The thing about movies that are made about these games; and make no mistake they are cult games, is that the captive audience by and large are going to be nerds or even closet nerds.

    Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What is bad however is that us nerds want accuracy and authenticity. There is something about the transition from game to motion picture that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe because it’s a hobby or for some, even more a love, that the people who play the particular game want to know that the people making the movie have not only randomly decided to play the game after they got this huge budget to work with and thought, “hmm hey I better play this game to make it seem like I know what i’m doing” too.

    I guess nerds want the makers of the movie to have played it as much as them. Therefore, and going back to the point of platform transition, your captive audience are going to be watching for any kind of error in accuracy to basically tell if the makers of this film are fans, or phoneys just out to cash their cheques.

    We want the producers to be knowledgable about the story they’re trying to tell. Not only to have knowledge, but to be enthusiastic, to actually be honoured to be able to make a movie about your favourite game. To love the characters, the universe the characters are based in (if there has been any significant development to it that is) is that if the producers of said movie don’t reproduce the game in movie format with 110% accuracy in terms of character names, character backgrounds, special/signature moves, and the storyline which will be written for motion picture can’t contradict any previous history in the game.

    Why do nerds have these stringent checks in place or hold the makers to such scrutiny? Well, it could be the negative stigma attached to them in society I guess where unless you’re a gamer yourself you’re seen as an outsider. Lack of social skills due to locking yourself in your mom’s basement or whatever? Who knows, but I digress.

    Now you might say, “but film makers have to often make films with a loyal fan base concerned” and you’d be right in some respects. I just feel that the makers of movies that are cult *games* are held to such a high standard of scrutiny by these particular fans that unless they have played the game in question themselves at length and are fans themselves of the game they are trying to turn into a movie, the movie project will ultimately fail at the box office. At least that’s my belief. With these movies your main revenue is going to come from the fans of the game and if it doesn’t satisfy them it’s going to flop.

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