Ross v Ross nominated for two Lammys

Yep, some bunch of idiots has nominated us for a couple of awards. What a bunch of idiots.

We are very pleased to let you know that we’ve been nominated for two awards in the really rather prestigious 2010 Lammy Awards over at the excellent Large Association of Movie Blogs. The guys at the LAMB do sterling work to keep all us movie buffs in our own little film blogging community, or ‘flogunity’, as we’ve been calling it since, well… since earlier on in this sentence.

The two awards we are up for are Best Random Banner and Funniest Writer. Unfortunately it’s hard to take credit for either. We’re not particularly funny and we didn’t do our banner. It comes courtesy of the brilliant Abban and the boys over at Brightsky web design. They really are a nice bunch of people. Even though they did some work for us.

Click HERE for more info on the Lammys. Voting ends on June 7 and the winners will be announced in the days that follow that date. Check out all the sites in the running in all the categories if you can. Thanks to all those who’ve voted for us so far. If you continue to do so you are even dumber than we thought, yet we will not hold it against you.

Well done all those who were nominated but then well done anyone who has a movie blog at all, picture of a baby sheep on your site or no picture of a baby sheep on your site. Keep up the good work. We will keep reading it. And slagging it off.


18 Responses to “Ross v Ross nominated for two Lammys”

  1. Congratulations on your nominations! That’s fantastic.

  2. well done guys

    so disappointed one of you wasn’t named in the funniest writer cat… watching one of you gloat would have been great fun. Although maybe Lester Square got the nod…

  3. Antonius Maximus Says:

    Well you cant spell Lamb without Ham….

    Oh wait, i guess you can!

    Congrats anyway boyzz!

  4. Congrats on the more than deserved acclaims!

  5. I love you.

  6. Congratulations!

  7. Great job for apparently doing nothing according to that post!
    I know I voted for you fellas because, as Aiden said, I love you… but he’s gay for saying it! 🙂

  8. Well done guys – fully deserving.

  9. D’you know how I know you’re gay? You like Coldplay

  10. Good work guys, VIVA LA ROSS V ROSS!!

  11. Now I am sad.

  12. dont be sad Aiden R
    and dont let Kaiderman bully you
    that guy is a jerk

  13. Way to go fellas…keep it up and continued success in the future:)

  14. I’ve decided you guys are funny with an awesome not so random banner. Two faces yelling at each other is a happy.

  15. Do you know how I know you’re gay? 2 words: FANNY PACK!
    AAAWWWW, Aiden, I love you too, man. I was just f-in’ wit cha… you were my other funny man vote! 🙂

  16. Hope you win for Best Banner.

  17. Congrats guys, well deserved.

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