Caddyshack v Happy Gilmore

Until they make ‘Tiger’s Wood – The How To Get Birdies Story’, these two golfing gargantuans will be considered the funniest of their genre. But which has more drive, and which one is bogey? Click HERE or the pic above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club.


32 Responses to “Caddyshack v Happy Gilmore”

  1. MrG what have you been smoking? I can only assume Carl’s “hybrid” grass! Cadyshack an 80’s comedy classic full of snappy dialogue with great one liners and Bill Murray. Happy Gilmore just isn’t funny. You always pick the worst movie, you must like being the underdog, you taste can’t be that bad that you pick the wrong one every battle.

    “In the immortal words of Jean Paul Sartre, ‘Au revoir, gopher’.”

  2. ‘You always pick the worst movie’
    I wasted so many months trying to convince him of that, Fandango. Best I could do was get him to agree to publish his inane opinions online so the world could share my pain.
    And so, rossvross was born

  3. “Hey, why don’t I just go eat some hay, make things out of clay, lay by the bay? I just may! What’d ya say?”
    Just watched a biography on Caddyshack and they said the Bill Murray/ Chevy Chase scene was added because they had two of the biggest stars in a movie together and they had no scenes together… and, yes, it was primarily improvised.
    But when I need a laugh, I go to Happy Gilmore. Sorry world. I was barely born when Caddyshack came out and Happy Gilmore just plays more to my [generations] sensibilities. Caddyshack’s humor just feels a bit dated to me. I can understand McD’s feelings about Adam Sandler but he’s not that bad… he’s actually really good in a lot of his stuff… Funny People excluded.
    So, I’m with McG, y’all. May be sacreligious but it’s the truth… suck it! 🙂

  4. I HATE CADDYSHACK. So Happy Gilmore wins by default, come on Bob Barker rocked his cameo.

  5. Can’t we like both? If pressed I’ll have to go Caddyshack, but the teens trying to get laid storyline got old.

  6. It’s the utmost heresy, but I just don’t like Caddyshack. Other than the gopher, it’s just not funny. Happy Gilmore was really funny 10 years ago but I wonder if it holds up.


    Absolutely no contest here guys. HG’s OK but it’s in the Sunday League, not the Ryder Cup.

  8. Happy Gilmore. I know. I’ll go sit in the corner. I just didn’t find Caddyshack to be all that they said it should have been.

  9. I am f*****g flabbergasted at all the Happy Gilmore love going on here.

    F*****g. Flabbergasted.

  10. come back to me when you know something about films AR

  11. I hear ya Aiden. I am shocked.
    So What?
    So let’s dance!

  12. McG, your comment was rendered null and void the second you took Bobby Boucher’s side over Rodney effing Dangerfield.

  13. AR, Rodney effing Dangerfield is about as funny as a migraine
    at least a migraine goes away

  14. You sonofabitch…

  15. Are you kidding me???? Without a doubt Caddyshack takes the bate on this one.

  16. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    “Caddyshack,” Ross boys, it must be the shack of caddy for me.

    I mean, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield and Chevy Chase in the same movie? And they spend most of that time trying to kill a gopher? Done.

  17. WOW, Dangerfield really can’t get no respect… ba-dump-ump… wait… that was a double negative.
    On a sidenote, greatest Dangerfield line ever (from Back 2 School):
    “What’s a hot tub without bubbles? Hey, Bubbles, get in here!”

  18. in fairness, Kai B, that one actually did make me laugh

  19. @ Aidan: Rodney Dangerfield was never the same for me after Natural Born Killers.

  20. Dangerfield was in NBK?! Holy shit.

  21. Caddyshack for Rodney Dangerfield alone, and I f*****g love Happy Gilmore. I can’t believe Caddyshack isn’t getting more support here. As much as I like to say “the price is wrong bitch”, I’d watch Caddyshack before it anyday.

  22. While Caddyshack is an absolute classic, it kinda comes down to age of the viewer. People growing up with Sandler on SNL will probably take Happy Gilmore over Caddyshack just because it’s who they’re used to seeing. It’s not like people had 2 golf movies at the same time trying to get our ticket money (kinda like Armageddon/Deep Impact and The Prestige /The Illusionist)

    Although there’s not a great many golf movies so it usually comes down to these 2 (or Tin Cup if you’re a Costner fan). If you didn’t grow up with “it’s a Cinderalla story” it may miss a good sized audience without a recommendation of sorts.

    All in all Caddyshack for sure!! I’m just not a bog fan of the early, social isolate/quasi brain damaged Adam Sandler movies…especially when you pit it against Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray:)

  23. This battle was very nearly Happy Gilmore v Tin Cup, with me championing the latter.
    Of course, I’d take a Tom Green film over an Adam Sandler one….

  24. Happy Gilmore v Tin Cup, Happy Gilmore would still be crap and Adam Sandler still wouldn’t be funny. Tin Cup v Cadyshack, now there’s a battle!

  25. @ Darren: Rodney was the best part of NBK, what a BASTARD!

  26. Hahaha, meant to write that last comment as me instead of naheulfa. Yeah, McG, expanding this bitch starting on 4/12. Getting one of my friends from college to head it up, then have Donald Trump pay us millions thereafter. A Swiss watch of a plan if you ask me.

  27. if i knew anything about video games since Super Tennis on the SNES i would jump at the chance of sharing some of that Trump money

  28. wild bill Says:

    it all comes down to whether you prefer shooter mcgavin or judge smails, they make each movie and everything they say is hilarious

  29. I actually liked Tin Cup too!

    Still I put Happy Gilmore or Caddyshack before it.

  30. They really are 3 different movies but since I’m a Costner nut (to a fault sometimes) had Tin Cup been a contender, I’d probably be first to speak my mind. Don Johnson a douchebag…now that’s an acting stretch:P

  31. […] Caddyshack v Happy Gilmore « Ross v Ross […]

  32. ComeOn!!! Happy gilmore all the way.

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