RvReview: Kick-Ass

Kicking Its Comicbook Kontemporaries As Superheroes Should
OMG! Nobody told me Kick-Ass is not a comedy? It’s got McLovin in it! And a little girl assassin! And a guy called Kick-Ass! Don’t get me wrong, it is funny in parts – very funny in parts – but it’s also quite harrowing. You’ll find the audience laughing nervously at certain stages – that guy just died, should we be laughing?
The film is bracingly original and almost uncharacterisable. The writers have surprisingly – and refreshingly – avoided using the Judd Apatow style gags you find yourself expecting. Instead the laughs come from its downright outlandishness – Kill Bill is perhaps its closest comparison.
The cast are superb, including Nic Cage, who I last saw in (gulp) National Treasure. Or half saw before I fell asleep.
But the film’s scene-chewer comes in the form of Chloe Moretz’s Hit Girl. It’s a role that could have very easily been annoying, and thus unhinged the entire film, but with some palm-soaking action scenes, excellent choreography and delightfully filthy dialogue, I predict Hit Girl will find herself kicking her way onto some Most Awesome Characters Ever lists pretty soon.
Overall – forgive what I’m sure is aready internet cliché – Kick-Ass is just that.
SCORE: 9/10

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18 Responses to “RvReview: Kick-Ass”

  1. Damn, can’t wait to see this. Missed out on preview tickets by a couple of hours, GUTTED!

  2. Can’t wait for this film – but still a little sore that apparently there’s a week between the UK and Irish releases. Seriously? What’s the point of that these days? Hell, the gap between here and America is getting shorter.

    I should have ordered the book to placate me while I waited.

  3. How the f*** did you see this already? Been thinking this thing was gonna blow and I still need to read the source material, but glad to hear it rocked. Looking forward to it now thanks to you guys.

  4. Glad to hear it’s going to rock! 🙂 I was turned off by the first trailer but the next few really got me excited for it.

  5. Man, I cannot wait to see this flick. I absolutely adore twisted humor…and small children cursing. It’s always a winner.

  6. yeah, nice review McD. obviously the only Ross that gets to see movies early.
    boo hoo

  7. Seems like I was un der the same impression as you, I though Kick-Ass was a comedy! Haven’t seen it yet, but want to because the concept is great, although I was thinking it would be more fun than “harrowing.” Gotta say that’s turned me off a bit…

  8. Saw it at a screening in Vegas. Didn’t even care enough to write a review, although I should get around to that.

  9. Has anyone read Millar’s comic? I’ve only read Wanted and would be curious to see how it compares to the source.
    I think it looks awesome. I love Matt Vaughn. I heard the little girl in it gets down and dirty… can’t wait!

  10. Well that makes me feel sooo much better that I wasn’t building myself up for this movie as it won’t be a disappointment.

    But seriously, what kind of advanced screening did you go to that let you see this? How did you see it so early??

  11. Harrowing might be too strong a word, but you’ll see what I mean when you see it. And you will see it! Don’t be put off, it is lots of fun!
    Never listen to reviewers, they don’t know shit!

  12. Irish premiere, but I think it’s on general release here now.
    Chloe Moretz, Chris Mintz-Plasse and Aaron Johnson did a quick Q&A beforehand, couldn’t hear a word Johnson was saying even with the mic, he’s so shy!

  13. It’s out today. Which is odd, because until yesterday it was out next week (according to Cineworld and other outlets and websites).

  14. It hasn’t been released here and I’m insanely excited about it.

    Even moreso after reading your review. F*****gbadass!

  15. Just saw it. Freakin’ awesome. Nicolas Cage is back – complete with… Adam West delivery. It is absolutely incredible.

  16. I also just saw it Darren – unlike some Rosses out there, i dont get invited to premieres….
    i thought it was good fun but no more than that really. instantly forgettable. would take at least two marks off Ross McD’s very generous 9 out of 10 above
    agree with you on Cage Darren, didnt think there was enough of him in the movie though. while all the performances were quite good, i just didnt laugh as much as i wanted to. it just lacked a bit of heart, all the referencing of other movies just wasnt very clever i didnt think.
    good fun, but i cant see myself getting it on dvd and watching it over and over again

  17. I’m with Ross McG on this one. Caught it last night (review up tomorrow). Not nearly enough of any of the good characters: Big Daddy, Hit Girl, even kick ass himself. It also jumps sporadically between ‘really funny’ to ‘unexpectedly rancid’ which disrupts the flow a good bit.

    Had high hopes for Cage after this… until I saw a fucking Sorcerers Apprentice trailer… FML.

  18. I had a good time with this, mostly cause I loved all the cool action & violence, as weird as that sounded. Check out my review of this: http://dtmmr.wordpress.com/2010/05/08/kick-ass-2010/

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