Capote v Crash v Good Night, and Good Luck v Munich v Brokeback Mountain

It is the most controversial Best Picture race of all time. And now Ross v Ross is going to sort it out once and for all. With a little help from the folks at Encore Entertainment, Movie Mobsters and Cinema Scream, in our first ever five-way face-off. Click HERE or the picture above to read this exclusive battle at Metro Film Fight Club. This one is gonna get ugly…

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6 Responses to “Capote v Crash v Good Night, and Good Luck v Munich v Brokeback Mountain”

  1. As is often the case Ross McG put up the best argument but picked the wrong movie to back! (remember what I said about comic book movies and Oscars, A History of Violence was eligible that year)

    Ross McD, brave attempt but we all know you don’t believe a word you are saying and as you allude to if this was a Crash v Crash battle, crash would surly lose and er win. What I am trying to say is that Crash isn’t as good as Crash or that Crash is a much deter film than Crash. Crash was a just okay film but Crash was a great film.

    By the way of the nominated films, Good Night, and Good Luck was the best!

  2. Agreed that McG has the best argument of the bunch, but Brokeback’s the best of ’05 hands down. Sorry, McD, nothing against you, but f**k Crash. What a soap opera that was. Weird year for movies but another awesome Battle Royale +1, guys.

  3. Crash won just because the Oscars didn’t want to give the film away to a film about homosexuals. Only until Milk they actually did.

  4. Mickey Rooney and the rest of the bigoted Academy voters made sure a lesser film won. Congrats! You’ll be having your ballot burned every year instead.

  5. Here’s what bugs me… if Brokeback was exactly the same, only Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway changed roles, and the risquee (spelling??) part was that a woman was trying to be a Cowboy and committing adultery (instead of a Cowboy was gay)… but the story was EXACTLY the same, it would’ve been hailed as one of the greatest love stories ever told and won the Oscar without a fight!!!

  6. After finally seeing Brokeback Mountain, I’m completely appalled it didn’t win. Crash is alright, but alright is it.

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