Avatar v The Hurt Locker v Inglourious Basterds v Up In The Air

We are kicking off our Oscar season at Ross v Ross with a big bang. In our first ever fourway battle, we have invited fellow movie bloggers Fandango Groovers and Aiden R to join us as we pit this year’s Best Picture Oscar frontrunners against each other. You can read the explosive action at Metro Film Fight Club by clicking HERE or the picture above. This one could get bloody…

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13 Responses to “Avatar v The Hurt Locker v Inglourious Basterds v Up In The Air”

  1. “The one exploiting the Iraq conflict to make a macho action flick that could have starred Jean-Claude Van Damme?” sorry RMcG, I like you, I really do but holy heck if that ain’t nonsense.

    The Hurt Locker is the best film in an uninspiring list but Avatar will win because, like it or not, it dragged people back to the cinemas and this is show business not show art. Although, despite the fact that it is indulgent over-ripe rubbish, I would grin if ‘Basterds’ won – just for the heck of it.

  2. Team Avatar or The Hurt Locker. It’s really too close for me to call…but Up in the Air is most definitely my LEAST favourite of the four. Sorry Ross McG but I do find your surmise of the three to be hilarious.

  3. Although of the ten An Education is far and away my favourite, but it ain’t got a chance in hell so, oh well.

  4. glad to have made you laugh EE
    as your link picture shows, we will always have Paris…

  5. HA. I suppose we will:) and thanks for drawing attention to that because I didn’t even realise that was my link picture: fail.

  6. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    I’m going with Aiden R. on this one, but McG you get 4,198 awesome points for that kickass last line in your part of this duke-it-out!

  7. Up In The Air is the most forgettable of the four. I could walk away with any of the other three winning and feeling smugly happy about it, which is a rare thing on my end. My vote still goes to Inglourious Basterds, but I find both Hurt Locker and Avatar worthy successors if not chosen.

  8. Put me in The Hurt Locker Camp. Entertaining read guys – arguments well put! But, as much as I love James Cameron’s films and Avatar itself, The Hurt Locker is the more affecting piece of cinema.

  9. I’m taking the stance of if “Avatar” wins Best Picture, the terrorists win. Give the Oscars to Kathryn Bigelow & “The Hurt Locker”!

  10. I want in on these!

  11. Up in the Air all the way for me. I think this is the most ground breaking film (or air breaking should I say)

  12. Shaun Mcleroy Says:

    Isn’t it funny that Bigelow has beaten her ex? For me Avatar is far more a winner anyway.

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