RvR loves… Star Wars Lego

Star Wars = awesome. Lego = awesome. Star Wars Lego… can you handle the awesomeness?

By Ross McD

Ross McG bought me a Star Wars Lego Speeder Bike once. It took me about four days to put together. A Speeder Bike has a crew compliment of one (plus one determined Jedi or stowaway Ewok, at a stretch). This yoke, however, has a minimum crew of 307, plus 75 passengers.

The Nebulon B medical escort Frigate is a pretty cool looking ship. You might have spotted it at the end of The Empire Strikes Back (where Luke gets his new hand) or at the end of Return of the Jedi (where military genius Admiral Ackbar threw a medical ship onto the frontline in the Battle of Endor – what’s next? Sending teddy bears to tackle battle-hardened Imperial troops?).

What’s special about this particular Nebulon B is that it is made entirely of Lego. And not the boxed kind with step by step instructions either. Steef de Prouw built this spectacular model with his bare hands. Check out his fantastic creation here: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/175408



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5 Responses to “RvR loves… Star Wars Lego”

  1. I am genuinely speechless

  2. I am genuinely speechless that I ever bought you something

  3. Beyond epic. I would do backflips to have that on display in my apartment. LEGOs are expensive as hell though, man. WTF is up with that?

  4. They are ridiculous. My kids just got THE BATTLE OF ENDOR and it was over 100 bucks. I wonder, have you guys played the Star Wars Lego video games? They are also tons of fun. We also just got the new Indy lego game and that’s also fun. Great post as always guys… if you have some free time, I’d love to know how you got the custom banner on your site. I’m fairly knew to WordPress but would lobve to get one uploaded. Let me know if you can… Thankx!

  5. Astonishing. Have to admire this dude’s dedication.

    Just looking at my Lego AT-ST Walker on one side of the screen and Lego casrs from Temple of Doom on the other – feel a bit inadequate……

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