Happy Trails Hans: Knight And Day

Yes, I’m back after a busy holiday. Christmas can be so hectic, especially when you have a skyscraper to commandeer. I’m now ready to give you my full attention. Let’s see if this time Tom Cruise does get to walk off into the sunset with Cameron Diaz…

Okay. Cameron Diaz has bumped into Tom Cruise at the airport. That must happen all the time. Let’s hope this is better than Vanilla Sky. Now she’s telling some guy who isn’t Tom Cruise a story. Why are all American films set in diners? Now Tom Cruise is killing guys on a plane. Please, please don’t let this be a remake of Mission: Impossible 2. That would be most unfortunate. Now Cameron Diaz is dressing for a wedding. But where is Julia Roberts? And where is, uh, Dermot Mulroney?

Hey… Tom Cruise just fell off a falling motorcycle and landed on a car. That bit raised a smile. He is talking to Cameron Diaz through the glass. Why doesn’t he just SHOOT THE GLASS!? ‘Whoo, this is wild!’ Yes, Tom Cruise, it sure is. Now he is in the diner. He’s pointing a gun. ‘No one follows us, or I kill myself and then her.’ I could teach him a thing or two about hostage-taking etiquette.

Now Tom Cruise has a lot of guns. This really does look like a Mission: Impossible 2 remake. Hang on… I hear Muse on the soundtrack. Does every trailer now have to have Muse on its soundtrack? This movie is called Knight And Day. Why? Are those the characters’ names? Will it be like Dempsey and Makepeace? Or Hart To Hart? Or Mission: Impossible 2?

Despite my slight reservations, this looks fun. And the trailer has quite an original structure. Right, it’s time for my verdict…

VERDICT: Thank you Mr Cowboy, I’ll take it under advisement.

four stars


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2 Responses to “Happy Trails Hans: Knight And Day”

  1. MUSE!
    Don’t question it Hans, and just hand over the fifth star

  2. Hand over my detonators

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