Great Christmas Scenes… Mean Girls

meangirlsThis is what Christmas is really all about: teenage girls dressed as Santa slapping their thighs while wearing PVC skirts and black knee-high boots. It’s a shame this true meaning often gets forgotten amid all the commercialism.

In about 20 or 30 years or so, I think Mean Girls will be talked about in the same way many of us tend to gush over 80s teen movies like The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller today. It’s an intelligent but fun film, exposing the trials and tribulations of school life in an original and entertaining way. Having a screenplay by Tina Fey obviously helped, but Mean Girls thrives on the performances of its two leads, Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams.

And here they are dancing to Jingle Bell Rock. In short skirts. Amazingly, this scene cleverly manages to steer clear of sleazy and becomes a fun, memorable dance number. Interestingly, the dance is performed by the school’s biggest bitches, but the film doesn’t dwell on that, instead letting its hair down and giving us something that unites all the pupils in the audience, even if they hate the guts of the girls on stage.

As she also showed in the Freaky Friday remake, Lindsay Lohan is a skilled actress, even if McAdams has the meatier role as the Queen of the Plastics. Throw in appearances from Fey, her Saturday Night Live partner Amy Poehler and everyone’s favourite Fugitive-chaser, Neil Flynn, and you have a cracking Christmas scene.



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6 Responses to “Great Christmas Scenes… Mean Girls”

  1. Love it when that kid gets the boombox to the face, but how about Kevin G’s rap right before this? Classic.

    Poor LiLo, what happened girl?

  2. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    “She’ll know it was me … she’ll be like ‘Ohhhh, it’s Kevin G.” Brilliant.

    I’m not sure “Mean Girls” is quite up to snuff with “Heathers,” but I do think it’s one of the sharper, wittier teen comedies out there. At the very least, it brought back “fetch.”

  3. I hear ya Aidan, Lilo’s meltdown was a bit early in her career, wasn’t it?
    Had such high hopes for her too

  4. Absolutely agree with you on the assessment of Mean Girls being a movie that future generations will look back with nostalgia and appreciation. Hilarious and well-written

  5. Diva-itis, that’s what happened. Had she stayed out of the limelight and focused on her craft, we wouldn’t be speaking of her in the past tense.

  6. Encore Entertainment Says:

    She’ll be back, I tell you. SHE’LL B BACK!!!

    Aaah, Mean Girls. Good old teenage fun that’s actually enjoyable to guys and gals. It’s good all around, but how can you not single out the delectable Lacey Chebert. Her meltdown was a classic. “We should totally kill Caesar!”

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