Ross v… Lost Action Heroes!

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Seagal; Lundgren; Snipes; Van Damme; once upon a time, these names struck fear in the hearts of criminal henchmen everywhere. Now the only things these guys beat up is whatever VHS cases are stacked beneath them in the videostore bargain basket. Ross McD and Gordon Hayden from Spin’s We Love Movies discuss the Lost Action Heroes…

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7 Responses to “Ross v… Lost Action Heroes!”

  1. The best Steven Seagal story, and the only one that matters to me personally is when he got in the face of 70 year old Judo Gene LeBell back on the set of one of his movies and the then 30 year old Seagal was choked unconscious in about ten seconds. Just more proof that a fake Hollywood tough guy shouldn’t mess with a legit judo champion and bad ass.

  2. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, good work on the show, this was radio correct? Surprised you’re British though, for some reason I never thought of that as a possibility, shows how dopey I can be I guess. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on being British, guys, especially you McD. Welcome back!

  4. yeah, your Britishness makes me smile, McD

  5. Welcome back, you have been missed! Really impressed to hear you on the radio, are you pair some kind of celebrities in Ireland?

    Have you seen JCVD. Proof that Jean-Claude isn’t afraid to take the piss out of himself. There is a really good scene in it when he calls his agent about a film he has previously turned down. Now he wants to do it because he needs the money only to be told Seagal has taken it. The agent says something like “He even agreed to cut his ponytail off for it”

  6. Thanx Bill, Fandang.
    Bill, as you can probably guess from Dave’s poke, I’m actually Irish. But you’re close enough – we used to be Brittish.
    Celebs Fandang? No.
    Legends? Perhaps.
    Idiots? Half of us…

  7. Bolo Yeung, my idol as a kid & def d best lost action hero of all time. Check out dis pretty gay but awesome vid –

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