Great Scenes… Teen Wolf

teenwolfMichael J Fox pays a visit to the liquor store to provide us with some quotable ’80s gold.

Teen Wolf was quite rightly referred to as the weaker Michael J Fox vehicle of 1985, coming as it did in the same year as Back To The Future. In Brazil, Teen Wolf was called Boy From The Future in a bid to cash in on the success of the time-travelling movie. In Italy, meanwhile, Micky J’s character Scott changed his name to Marty, after the great Mr McFly. Italian audiences must have been aghast that one teenage boy could go back in time and transform into a werewolf in the space of a few months. But while it may lack its more illustrious counterpart’s brilliance, Teen Wolf is still a more-than-solid school ‘n’ sports flick.

Its great strength (other than having a hairy wolfed Fox surfing on a van) is that it manages to speak to the teenager in all of us. We all know what’s it like to go through puberty. Okay, we may not have howled at the moon during our growth spurts, but we can understand what Scott Howard (Fox) is going through. Scotty’s high school basketball team is also reassuringly average, allowing even the most unathletic of us moviegoers to dream of hitting the winning slam dunk and getting the girl. The girl, of course, is the best friend who has gone unnoticed by our side all along, and not the spoilt bitch who treated us like a doormat. Who knew, huh?

The film is perhaps best encompassed in this short but super scene in which Scott channels his inner wolf in order to buy some booze without any ID. Putting a neat red-eyed spin on this teenage rite of passage, Fox’s delivery of ‘Give me. A keg. Of beer.’ is as good as any piece of fun dialogue throughout the decade. Even though my teenage years are long gone, this scene never fails to make me punch the air with triumph.




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3 Responses to “Great Scenes… Teen Wolf”

  1. Underage drinking truly is one of the many fine perks of being a werewolf.

  2. Must give it a go… I’ve never seen it.

  3. Underserved classic there. My favorite part is when Marty’s, errr Scott’s dad (played by James Hampton, who was a key player in Condorman (1981)) corners the school principal and tells him to lay off Scott. “He’s a good kid.” Apparently the dad and the principal go way back to when dad was sprouting his own whiskers. Dad walks away as the principal stands there in a puddle of his own urine (pissed his pants).

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