Happy Trails Hans: The Proposal

Trails proposal

Hans Gruber has kindly agreed to take time out from his busy schedule to check out the latest trailers for RossvRoss…

Oh Ryan Reynolds is in it, I like him, he was a good Deadpool… His name is Andrew, OK, I’m sure I need to know that at this stage… Ah, the old coffee spilling on colleague, this must be a comedy…. Hmmm maybe not, here comes Sandra Bullock, she’s not really funny…. Oooh her colleagues don’t seem to like her, I don’t really blame them… Sandra is Ryan’s boss, and he doesn’t seem to like her either. What abrasive chemistry between them!

This may or may not be a romcom, and Ryan and Sandra may or may not end up together… Uh oh! Sandra’s being deported, a cheery change in music tempo tells me hilarity may ensue… Here comes Ryan, he’s the solution, or so the mystery typist claims… They’re getting married! What, no record scratch? The lying whore… Right, they’re off to Alaska… sleeping with old person joke: check… morning wood joke: check… THIS SUMMER… slapstick shenanigans: check… Uh Oh! A real kiss? Could it be? Naked joke + opportunity to show off Ryan’s rather impressive abs: check…small boobs joke: check…

Can these two comically mismatched colleagues overcome their differences in time? Will they end up realising they really have feelings for each other after a series of misadventures? Did Sandra Bullock already make this film with Ben Affleck?

VERDICT: ‘What idiot put you in charge?’Two stars

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3 Responses to “Happy Trails Hans: The Proposal”

  1. God I hate Sandra Bullock. I don’t even know why. I think I still blame her for Speed 2. I hadn’t heard about this film, I’ll be sure to avoid.

  2. Justin Michaels Says:

    Betty White, star of Golden Girls and Lake Placid, what are you doing? man, that trailer is excrutiating – thanks for the tip Hans

  3. We’ve been over this a dozen times, Hans – i dont need to see any trailers with Sandra Bullock in, okay?

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