Poetry in Motion Pictures: Pacific Rim


We’ve got a special Poetry in Motion Pictures post for you today – it’s not by one of us useless Rosses, but rather by RVR reader Natalie Gontar from Viewster.com, who felt inspired to pen us her own poem on Pacific Rim. Take it away, Natalie…


The Pacific Rim, it is kind of grim,
But don’t you ever dare to complain –
These things so massive look really impressive
Only when there is darkness and the rain.

Did you read the review about the Kaiju
And the robots being incredibly tall?
Aren’t they just as awesome as we promised you?
Aren’t they the best and biggest of all?

Now, the only one thing that ruins the fun
Is that people decide to build a stupid wall.
That could never work – like they never knew?
But, anyway, that’s how the film got a name
And the fact that the robots were left so few,
But succeeded at saving us all the same.

Seen some similar stuff already before?
How can you say it was also good!
Everyone is watching this to see more,
Jaegers doing something no others could!

Or in case you thought you knew what drifting means,
Why don’t you discover a different view,
If you thought this would end just the way it begins,
You are wrong: it is “Where is my goddamn shoe?”

When I think of my friend, I believe that we might
Go through a drift together all right (though we’re always late for whatever begins),
But not with my ex, even if just for sex –
We could not synchronise even simpler things.

Oh, I dropped my popcorn, it’s all over the floor!
Who wrote it’s popcorn stuff, what an idiot, man!
It was great, I had fun like never before,
And I’d like to watch it over again.


2 Responses to “Poetry in Motion Pictures: Pacific Rim”

  1. i’am waiting for the sekuel “Pcific Rim 2” 😀

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