Life of Pi… Alternative casting


Ang Lee’s adaptation of Life of Pi, the book by Yann Martel that was long thought unfilmable, looks pretty sweet, and we at Ross v Ross are big fans of the director’s work (I like Sense & Sensibility, Ross McD likes that bit where they fly through the trees in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). But we can’t help feeling that Lee should have cast some more well-knowns in the all-important roles of the animals, of which there is a tiger, a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan and a whale. Here is our dream cast for Life of Pi.

The Zebra – Marty from Madagascar

Big spoiler alert about the animals in the boat in Life of Pi – not all of them make it. So before they don’t make it, you may as well get some comic relief out of them. Although it may be fun being caught on a lifeboat with Chris Rock for a little while, chances are you might take your chances with the sharks in the water after a few days. Especially if he starts quoting from Dogma.

The Hyena – Shenzi, Banzai and Ed from The Lion King

Hard to cast just one hyena for our Life of Pi boat, so let’s make room for three on board. Hyenas don’t have the best of reps, but this sneaky trio give them an even worse name. I like the way they say ‘Mufasa’ though.

The Orangutan – King Louie from The Jungle Book

Come on, who else were we gonna pick… Clyde from Every Which Way But Loose?

The Tiger – Shere Khan from The Jungle Book

You can’t have King Louie without Shere Khan right? Not only is he fearsome, but he’s a good singer too.

But you know what? We’ve changed our minds. We want the bounciest, most fun tiger around. A tiger so fun he’s not even a tiger. That’s right. We want Tigger!

The Whale – Mr Narhwal from Elf

Sure, we could have gone for the whale from Moby Dick or the whale from Pinocchio, but no one gives good whale like Mr Narwhal. He may have little screen time in Elf, but he steals the whole film.


One Response to “Life of Pi… Alternative casting”

  1. Very clever. Nice piece.

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